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Best Lifts for the Pear


I can always get my upper body toned with just about doing anything I pick, however the lower part of me is stubborn, I carry most of my fat in the hips, rear,thighs, what kinds of lifts or types of workouts should I focus on to get rid of the fat, here, I know that nutrition is key also, but it is in check. Thanks


Hi DJ,

For my 2c you can keep leg work reasonably simple, you don't need anything fancy, or lots of different exercises. I would suggest a leg workout made up from Front Squats, Deadlifts and possibly Bulgarian squats is good enough. Squats don't need to be ATG, just go as deep as you can whilst keeping good form in the back.



cw said biking sprints are the way to go, 15sec hard and 45 sec moderate for 20minutes 3x a week for 3 consecutive months. then switch to hiking for 3 months


Find a spin class and go hard uphill.
Good music helps alot.