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Best Lifting Music

I read an article covering T-mags top albums. What do you think are the best lifting albums? A “top” is not necessarily a good gym disc; I love Vivaldi, “but L’estate” won’t cut it when I’m in the squat rack. Perhaps you will come up with ones I have forgotten about. In any event, here is my list:

1. Slipknot: Self-titled first album. It's brutal; I want to kick puppies and grandmothers when I listen to it. There isn't one bad song on it.

  1. System of a Down: Either the first or “Toxicity.”

  2. Slayer: “Reign in Blood.” They influenced all current heavy bands.

  3. Korn: Self-titled first album. "Blind and “Faggot” are classics. Anything after “Life is Peachy” is worthless. There new one is supposed to be heavy again.

  4. Metallica: Compilation. What ever happened to them? They went to shit after “…And Justice for All.” They are truly fucking horrible now.

  5. S.O.D. “Speak English or Die.” Anyone who listened to thrash must have this one.

  6. Death: “Individual Thought Patterns.” Their most technical album. They are the original death band. R.I.P. Chuck

  7. Deicide: Either the first or “Once Upon the Crosss.”

  8. Blink 182: “Enema of the State.” Everyone likes a cheesy band they won’t readily admit to. Blink is mine.

  9. Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory. Good Stuff.

The Spawn Soundtrack was always good for that.

I just burned a cd with this very subject in mind. here are the songs.

  1. Goldberg Theme
  2. I Stand Alone
  3. Ulitmate Warrior Theme
  4. In the End
  5. Stone Cold Theme
  6. Megadeth-Crush Em
  7. Here I Go-Mystikal
  8. Puffy-Come with Me
  9. DX Theme
  10. Drowning Pool-Bodies
  11. Rocky 4 Music
  12. Road Dog Jesse James(Old New Age Outlaws)

Hehehe… you sure are a metalhead. That brings back some memories, “Reign in blood”, “Speak english or die”, i would also ad D.R.I., can’t remember the name, “Join the army” by suicidal, old metallica, some Ministry, probably “The mind is a terrible thing to taste”.

I cant stand any of this stuff today, it drives me crazy!

Sevendusts first CD. Slipknot, either first or most recent CD. Godsmack’s first CD, or I Stand Alone. Flaw has a pretty nifty song called ‘Payback.’ I need to get a CD burner to put these songs onto… oh and one no one would expect from me. The song I am Number 1, by Nelly. Seems to be a great training song.

i like the choices, but you forgot Tool!!! and i’d have to say that outside of the gym, blink 182 is one of my favorites.
goldberg–how could you forget 1)kurt angle’s theme 2) hardy boys theme 3)TIME TO PLAY THE GAME… oh and of course the brahma bull. that should be your fist song. other than that sounds pretty sweet.

Soundtrack from Dracula 2000 - very thought provoking music. he he he. The movie was bad - the music is SO good. Low-Fidelity All Stars -I like them boys. Queen’s Greatest Hits 1&2 - my favorite all-time band. Heavy Metal soundtrack.

And if you love Vivaldi - you should listen to some Berlioz. Very strong stuff. Especially his Faust. Your testosterone will be jumping nonstop...;-)

JC,I hear ya,“46 & 2” kicks ass,“Opiate” would be my other favorite.Goldberg,“In the End” is one of my favs,although I’d replace #3 and #8 with the original Led Zeppelin classics!I also like Nickelback’s “Never Again” off their newest album. DMX’s “Up in Here”. Kid Rock’s “Prodical Son”. AC/DC “Shoot to Thrill”. Death In Vegas “Dirt”. Christ,there’s a million!

I can’t believe everyone has left out the gods of metal. PANTERA, cowboys from hell, walk, fucking hostile, domination, suicide note part 1 and 2. Just to name a few. Oh yeah i hate linkin park and all the NU metal bullshit

Right now in my MD player that I use when I train is…

Slayer: Reign In Blood
Down: NOLA
Pantera: A mix of my favorites.

Just put that on shuffle repeat and off you go…

ABBA: Gold and ABBA: More Gold. I swear this stuff fires me up more that 'Tallica.

You guys gotta check out the song "got the life " by korn. This song is crazy style for some kick ass workouts. I swear you just wanna beat the shit out of people after hearing that song. Well maybe that a little far stretched but the song gets the adrenaline going. Check it out.

Right on bro! I have to go with Stump on this one. All of that other stuff is great, but Pantera is just pure aggresion and that is what I need to do when I’m lifting especially squats or deadlifts.

Anything by Peter Gabriel.

If I were to throw together a CD of tunes that got me fired up, this is some stuff I’d include: Slayer-213 & Reign in Blood, Danzig-Mother (live), Metallica-anything older than “Metallica”, some Gn’fn’R, some Deftones, from the Adrenaline CD, and last but not least, Slaughter of the Soul & Cold by At The Gates. if ya’ll like it loud, download this shit. Very intense. Oh yeah, and Bon Jovi, Livin’ on a Prayer :slight_smile:

some of you guys need to cut the mullets (ac/dc, metallica, anthrax). Yeah, try SLIPKNOT, HATEBREED, SLAYER (GOD HATES US ALL), FEAR FACTORY, MUDVAYNE, ECT.

nu metal sux!

Metallica: Kill’em All, Ride the Lightning, And Justice for All, Garage Days.
their cover of “Last caress” is killer.