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Best Lean Mass Cycle for Old Newbie

I have been training most of my life, 2 years ago i tore my rotator cuff and beaks ligament in my thumb. both required a lot of surgery and therapy but are good to go now. I have been back at it for 14 months or so, i was a 256 with an undetermined but huge amount of bodyfat. i am now sitting at 207 and 10 percent measured by caliper…abs are there but not as defined as i would like, however at this time im interested in adding some lean mass before trying to cut anymore.

I am pushing 50, 6’3, 10% …while cutting all this fat i used anavar at 50ed for 4 weeks on 8 weeks off for the better part of a year. Main reason was i had easy access to it and it did seem to spare my muscle through all of this,so i would drop cals abit lower when on, anyway im thinking about test c at 500 for 12 weeks, with once a week inject and .5 armidex ed…just keeping my macros at 45 protein, 35 carb and 25 fats…diets def in check and i know my bmr is near 2900…so i will up the cals to 3500 same macros and all real foods.

Now that’s as far as the research got me…i know hgc 250 e3d will keep the boys inflated but pct is a complete mystery to me as every thread says this is right thats wrong and vice versa.

Can i get a pct recommendation, is cycle ok for a first inject cycle? Im looking for lean mass not to much fat, not to frequent of injects till i get a feel for it…remember im 50 lmao.

Have you looked into TRT?

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Start reading.

Also see: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/the_pct_serm_dosing_in_this_forum_is_wrong

At 50, you should be doing lab work and reading stickies in the TRT forum:
Start here: https://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/prototype_advice_for_new_guys

CBC with hematocrit
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
AM cortisol [ at 8AM please]
DRE [prostate exam]