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Best Layer Accessory Movements


I’ve been following the basic layer system for a while with fantastic results in strength and size. however, as i can’t afford the proper peri-workout supps you recommend, i’m struggling to get proper CNS recovery between sessions, even though my energy in each session is always 100%.

I’ve decided to utilize my current motivation and energy and focus on just a 3 or 4 day split (still with layer system parameters).

like everyone else, i’m going for that power look, and I was wondering what your oppinion would be on this split (just so you know i’m pretty much a beginner, TBDL: 140kg, Inc Press: 80kg, SGHP: 70kg, Chin Ups: ~20), and what you recommend for assistance work? -the lower frequency means i can really go hard each session now;

Option 1 (3 day split)

Day1: Muscle Clean+Press w/SGHP
Day3: Decline Press w/Inc DB Press
Day5: Front Squat w/Bicep work

(I know front squat might be better as an accessory after C+P, but i need the quad growth!)

Option 2 (4 day split)

Day1: Inc Press w/Rear Delt work
Day2: Front Squats w/Bicep work
Day4: Dec Press w/Back work
Day6: Muscle Clean + Press w/???

any suggestions/advise would be amazing, thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: if both of the splits are terrbible/ could be better, what would you recommend as the best 3 or 4 day split for muscle growth (power look)?

-anyone else have the same experiences? or is currently running/considering a 3 or 4 day split?

Not CT… but personally I’d do the 4-day split with 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off… (i.e. Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri). As for accessory movements I like the rear-delt work, biceps work and back…just don’t overdo it so you can’t preform on the main days (i.e. too much biceps work leading to too much inflammation and less performance on pressing days) but I think you should include some snatch-grip high pulls in there somewhere, that’ll get you the power look you want for sure.

Thank you brian i really appreciate the advice :slight_smile: ok so a 2on 1off would mean a 4-5day training week… i shall try that! haha.

what would you recommend as a good accessory for Muscle Clean + Press?

@CT hi coach,

what’s your position on a 4 day split? would you change any parameters from the normal ~6day split like volume etc?