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Best Late Night Snack for Fat Loss?


so, you've been eating well all week, had your proteins, trained hard, reduced your calories/carbs.

What do you do when 1 hour before sleep, you are starving or become hungry?

What is the best option?

Would it be a protein shake? or a boiled egg/omlette with no milk

Would it be some fetta cheese or an avocado?




Why do people keep doing this? Is this the new "first" or something?

OP, if your diet plan doesn't call for a late night meal I'd stick with calorie free options - a diet soda or a leafy green something. Kale chips are pretty awesome.

This might sound odd, but I've found that brushing my teeth works really well to kill cravings. It satisfies the oral component and since my mouth feels clean I don't want to eat for a while after.


are you dieting? gaining?

what kind of diet are you on? more info...

but in a general sense i owuld say the lower the fat/carbs the better. meat or egg whites or something like that is fine but again it depends on what youre trying to do

edit: my bad didnt see full thread title


my pre-bed meal varies, it's usually one of these:

2 scoops Metabolic Drive, 2 tbsp almond butter

4 eggs, 4 chicken deli slices

1 scoop Metabolic Drive, 1 cup Greek yogurt, 2 oz grass-fed cheese on the side

I just aim for ~50g protein and 15-20g fat.


GTFO. Op asked a serious question.

OP, depends on what your diet is/goals are. If you've already hit your macros then you could have a zero cal snack (like a sugar free jello) or something. Or you can just make sure that you're pounding down water all day so that you're not as hungry.


I agree with this person, except the diet soda thing. Eww, replace all soda with water :slightly_smiling:


I just drink a scoop or two of protein and water. That usually quells the hunger for me.


thanks for your responses everyone,

it was a serious question, not sure why it would be considered a troll

here is the background

used to train pretty hard and eat quite well, due to a change of jobs, I stopped training for 2 years, and gained 15lbs from my peak fitness to 154lbs (im not a big guy). Body fat went from about 12% to about 18%,

so now that ive changed out of jobs about 6 months ago with a 1 month holiday sandwiched between, have been pretty serious for the last 6 weeks, and want to really push myself,

current goal is to lose as much fat as possible and maintain muscle,

Currently I do
train 6 times per week
cardio 5 times per week (treadmill - 8km/h 30mins after gym session)
breakfast - oats, 1 boiled egg w yolk, juice
lunch - sandwhich/roll etc.
After Training - protein
Dinner- with family so it varies, try and avoid rices/bread/pasta, probably have it every 2-4 days, I do eat a fair bit at dinner time
Protein shake - 10pm
Sleep 1 am

sometimes im starving, and will raid the fridge betwen 11pm-1am,

I understand my calorie intake is probably insufficient but ive been told being in slight deficiency is better for my goals


hmm when i just wanna eat (while trying to keeping a deficit) ill just load up on green veggies.

i mean its nothing like t-bone but it at least gives the feeling of being full...

edit: oh and just bc you're eating "healthy" doesnt mean you'll lose weight. just saying


First step would to be track your calories for a week to see where your at. You would be surprised at what changes you can make by just being consistent with your diet.


I normally go with a scoop or two of protein in water and if there are any cooked veggies or ones I can eat raw I get them down but cooking is a poor idea IMO, don't want to switch your brain on just before bed.

I get a tub of apple fibre for about 6 quid and a teaspoon of that in a shake is a great for appetite suppression

Hope that helped.


Broccoli or cauliflower, seasoned or topped with your favorite condiment (as long is it's not ranch or something ridiculous).

High fiber, low calories, keeps you full for days.


Try Greek Yogurt (the 0% fat plain kind not that sugary Chobani crap). It will fill you up. Mix it with a packet of splenda and some cinnamon and vanilla to jazz it up.

Costco has the best price on it. Giant tubs for $5 or less.

Yes, I am a woman and yes, I know all about Costco. :slight_smile: Not one near you? Make the trip and buy a bunch. Unopened it lasts forever... another thing to ponder....

Good luck!


Greek yogurt + chocolate MD... nearly chocolate pudding, seriously.


A couple of squares of dark chocolate.


hmm. I ve heard a few people mention greek yoghurt a few times,

I was under the impression, milk and milk products at night are no good due to the insulin spikes it causes


Greek yogurt is different because it's fermented and the label is wrong in terms of the actual carbohydrates it has. Read up on it, not much lactose in it or any at all I believe.


Which brand of Greek yogurt are you referring to ?


Water. Seriously, I like carbonated (fizzy) water.

When dieting, there shouldn't be spontaneous decisions made 1 hr before sleep based on hunger or desire. You should have all your meals planned, then just eat as planned. Then, you can track progress, and adjust if necessary