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Best Knee Wraps?


I have been using the APT Strangulator knee and wrist wraps for 2 years. Is there any better wraps to use? I was looking at the wrap 3XH or 2XH. I am squating raw wraps only.


How much do you squat?


3XH will give you more, but you can get a stupid amount out of strangulators if you can take the pain and have someone who knows what they're doing. If you can't take Strangulators to the limit without needing to go to a happy place, don't get anything heavier.
3XH's are the most painful wrap I have ever worn. They felt like my knee was under a car tyre.


i agree, i just used the 3xh last week, i love them but would really not recommend them for anything less than very very heavy equipped squat work. for reference my buddy has done a 710 suited comp squat and he said he would prolly not use them. for raw work i like the metal 2.5m all black wraps.


Why make your decision on how much gear one's wearing?

If he can take the pain of a stupid tight knee wrap, why not get the most out of them?

Am I missing something?


Depends on what you like.

Stretchier wraps can be jacked way tighter, and can be great. Examples are metal black, and APT blue mamba

My personal favorite for a long time was convicts... they were great. Easier to wrap on your own than strangulators...

My new favorite is strangulators... You just have to know how to wrap them. I probably get close to 100lbs from them...

If you can deal with the pain the old style TP5000 knee wraps were supposed to be the best, but they changed the material so I don't know now.

As for all the wraps I have used-

Blue mamba- easy to wrap, stretchy, if you jack it as tight as possible then it gives great support...probably got 65lbs from them

THP- Stiffer, uncomfortable, easy to get tight, good wrap, probably got 65lbs out of them

Convicts- Stiff, great wrap if you know how to wrap it- got about 75-85lbs from it

Strangulators- AWESOME. I get close to 100 from them

Metal black- they are ok, but I like stiff wraps... they have good pop, I probably got about 50lbs, but I know some people who love them

EFS Super heavy wraps- great if you have someone to wrap for you, but I can't wrap them properly myself... I get about 75 from them when I wrap, and I can get over 100 if I have someone wrap, but usually I don't have anyone good at wrapping, so I stick with something I can wrap myself


I use APT Convicts, and get a lot out of them. I've also used Metal Black wraps, but wasn't a fan.


APT is about out of all there wraps, said it would be atleast 45 days before they get more. Has anyone tried the Inzer Rock Wraps


Seriously... You get 100 lbs out of some knee wraps? How much do you squat? 1000 lbs? Granted I don't have a lot of experience with knee wraps (only used one pair EFS Normal 2.5m), but how do you know you get 100 pounds out of knee wraps? Do you just have really strong hips and back, but your quads are weak as hell? Truly I don't understand... Please enlighten me and be specific about how you know you get 100 lbs out of some knee wraps, because this could make me a 500 lbs squatter tomorrow and that would be sweet.


When I wrap my knees I'm a fan of the TP5000s, they have plenty of stop but are thin and aren't too difficult to wrap by myself. I also like the regular old Inzer Zs. Although I've never gotten as much out of wraps as some people here it seems, I can get something around 30 to 50 pounds out of them.


Strong abs, strong back, good technique. If you're a deeper squatter, you'll get more outta wraps. It's certainly not unbelievable if you see wraps done properly, or feel exactly how much easier it is with jacked wraps.

As for how you know, you can see what you squat in full gear with various wraps. Also, if you do any rep work it'll give you an indication with wraps vs. raw. I never maxed, but got 50lbs out of wraps, raw for reps. Certainly more than that with a suit.

God knows what my training partner gets, certainly more than 100, but he's not human. I wrap him, stupidly, hand-destroyingly hard and he's an 800+ squatter in the IPF.