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Best Knee/Elbow Sleeves for SM


What kind of sleeves (knee and elbow) and power pants type gear does everyone use? Training for my 3rd show (with several years between 2 and 3) and never used any of these.


Rehbands are the best in my opinion. Jackals Gym carries all the Rehband you'll ever need.


Rehbands seem to be what you see on WSM all the time so I guess Ill give them a shot


Get the blue knee sleeves from Jackal's why they are still around. Those are great.


Dino Strength Products are really good. They're made specifically with strongman in mind, but I know powerlifters that use them too. I have the HD knee sleeves, nano flex knee sleeves, neoprene shorts, and lever belt. It's all high quality stuff. I particularly recommend the neoprene shorts.

Here's their link: www.dinostrength.net


What about inzer products? I have heard good and neutral things about those. They worth the price?


I have been using blue Rehband knee sleeves for the past 2 1/2 years and am very happy with them. Just make sure you run them thru the washer every so often.