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Best Kettlebell Dvds?

What are the best kettlebell dvds out there?
Which ones and why?

Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting DVD, Series 1 & 2 by Steve Cotter

Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers
2 DVD Set - Volume1: Ballistics and Volume 2: Grinds

Full KOntact Kettlebells
The Martial Art of Strength Training DVD

The Art of Strength: Providence
With Anthony Diluglio, RKC

your opion is greatly valued

art of providence is supposed to be a workout dvd, not an instructional dvd.

If you are looking for instructional, I would go Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell first, and Cotter’s would probably be a very good option as well (overly expensive, nobody really lifts two kettlebells in one hand, etc, just a whole lot of “extra” with less explanation). I have Mahler’s size and strength, I found it underwhelming. A definite lack of instruction compared to Pavel and the double kettlebell movements are the progession, it lacks the “base” of learning so to speak.

And for whoever goes, “I thought this fad was over” just save the trouble and not post because he wasn’t asking that. (sorry, always happens with kettlebell posts)