Best Joint Supplements?

I was wondering what your go to supplements were for your joints/tendons/ligaments to keep them performing strong?

Flameout, neptune krill oil, super cissus(hit and miss for some)

Flameout, but knee/elbow sleeves with a good warm up do wonders as well

Depends on what you are using it for as well. If you feel inflamed in your joints you may want to take an overall look at diet, lifestyle, training etc to see if the inflammation is warranted or an unnecessary, excessive by product caused by other factors.
Curcumin/turmeric, Boswelia Serrate Extract, fish oil (obviously). There are also some joint/inflammation blends out there that a lot of people swear by.

Anti-Inflammatories aren’t bad, but it pays to take the wound healing mechanism (aka wound healing cascade) into account: there is no healing without inflammation. Of course, one should differentiate between acute and chronic inflammation. The latter warrants AIs.

Having said that, it also pays to differentiate between agents involved in building collagen and agents fighting inflammation. We all know about fishoil, cla, cucurmin/turmeric and the like which fall into the latter category.

Chief amongst collagen building agents, though, is our good ole Vitamin C.
Next in line would be Arginine.
MSM plays for both teams.

That’s it for OTC stuff.
If you want to take joint healing further, you might want to look into TB-500, Oxandrolone and, of course, HGH.
There are also other research peptides to be looked into.

The sad thing about the aforementioned wound healing agents is that you need an acute wound healing process to be in place for real tissue regeneration. Apart from having an acute injury, prolotherapy is another option to artificially induce the wound healing cascade is a cheap option.

Word of the wise:
if your body’s natural healing response is weakened on account of endocrine problems (hypothyroidism, hypogonadism etc.), don’t expect your money’s worth wrt wound healing, collagen building agents or no.