Best Joe Rogan Experience Podcast?

My personal favorite are the Joey Diaz episodes and the Giorgio Tsoukalos episode (ancient aliens theory), share your favorites and I’ll definitely check them out as a part of my recovery ritual, anyways I got school tomorrow Adios T-Nation!

Joe’s Ok, but Giorgio Tsoukalos is a typical Greek con man with Bozo hair that extrapolates his ridiculous
theories to the point now that the Ancient Aliens series now speculates that Ancient Samurais may have been influenced by ET’s.
Lets cut the Mustard…the AA Series, ‘‘Bozo Gio’’ and everything they claim is full of shit.

I really like the Graham Hancock and Jim Norton episodes, Bill Burr too, and you can never go wrong with Duncan Trussell.

Stupid question, but is he the guy that hosted Fear Factor?

[quote]Nards wrote:
Stupid question, but is he the guy that hosted Fear Factor?[/quote]
Yes and still does the post interview with UFC fighters.

Yep that’s him, he’s also one of the most vocal advocates on Marijuana, and talks often on the even MORE
ridiculous HEMP laws here in the U.S…Farmers can’t even grow NON-THC Hemp here
for the vast array of products this most amazing Plant produces…and Hemp seeds are among the
most nutritious things to eat as well…This is one amazing Plant, THC or non-THC, all the way around,
but the USA is still so fuckin’ backward assed about Hemp it’s astonishing…but things are changing.

Interestingly he was AGAINST Marijuana years ago, a victim of the lies, social programming and stigma
behind it he totally believed most of his life

OK, thanks for that. I saw him destroy a heckler once. I mean on youtube I saw that.

The Andy Dick podcast one was on the best you can just feel Joe getting awkward and pissed off as the show goes on.

Back around Thanksgiving he had Les Stroud of Survivorman fame on, and that was simply great. There’s another with a last-generation Japanese UFC fighter named something I cannot fucking remember right now, but it was awesome and I will look it up. His name starts with an E.

Enson Inoue. Chuck Lidell was whatever. Enson was inspirational.