Best Insurance Plan for TRT?

Hi there! This is indeed my first post, but I’d rather just get straight to the point.

Short history of myself:

26 years old, white male, I have primary hypogonadism, azoospermia, and I am an XYY mosaic. Causes of the primary hypogonadism are unknown, as I’ve not always had it (and I been to 4 urologists, 2 endocrinologists, and 1 geneticist - none of them have any flippin’ clue how it happened). I experienced the symptoms of low T since I was about 19, but never actually paid too much attention to them until I got my T levels tested in October 2013 (I was 25). I’ve been on Androgel 1.62% (currently 4 pumps daily) since November 2013. T levels never rose above 450 Total, 75 Free the entire year I’ve been on TRT (and the 4 out of 5 tests I’ve done the levels were much lower while on TRT).

Now to my question:

I have been advised to go on Testopel, as this was explained to have the highest likelihood to bring my free T levels up to the 800 range without the potential negative side effects of the shots. Plus, I’d only have to come in once every 3-6 months (or something like that).

Uninsured, the pellets cost $1000 per insertion.

I’m trying to find the best insurance company that:

  1. Will most likely approve of me being on the therapy (I know that they are all reluctant with sponsoring the expensive therapies, which is why they all love the shots)

  2. Will have the highest coverage of the therapy.

Do any of you have any experience with this? Which companies or types of insurance plans tend to cover TRT (Testopel in particular) more than others? The open enrollment starts in just another two weeks, and I am really considering switching to a new insurance plan, possibly to another company if it’s better for TRT (currently I have Florida Blue’s ‘Everyday Health BlueSelect 1451’).

What are “potential negative side effects of the shots”?

  • doctor makes less $$$
  • your levels are steadier
  • your costs are low
  • your labs are more meaningful
  • your E2 management will be much more effective
  • you are not doing repeat minor surgeries

We see hormone crashes in your time frame with Klinefelter syndrome - Wikipedia, perhaps this occurs with XYY too.

Please carefully read the ‘advice for new guys’ sticky. Post your lab work with ranges.

You need this protocol:

  • self inject 50mg T cypionate or ethanate twice a week, total 100mg/week, you can try SC injections.
  • use tiny #29 [gauge] 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes, get box of 100 for ~$14 at Walmart/Sam’s ReLion house brand and get alcohol prep pads.
    • inject 250iu hCG EOD to preserve your tests
  • 1/2mg anastrozole at time of the T injections to manage E2 levels, see stickies for more detail.
  • If your testes are small now and and pre-TRT LH/FSH are normal or high, hCG will not work well. If scrotum is tight and LH/FSH are normal or high, hCG will not work well. If LH/FSH are very low before TRT, you could try hCG to see what happens.

Injected T is quite inexpensive.

If doctor tells you that SC injections will not work, ask him why injecting pellets SC does. Then watch his expression and be prepared for a BS offensive. You may need to read the sticky for finding a TRT doc.

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