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Best Inspirational Poster Ever


love this


I think all those guys were hard enough already.

Unless that was supposed to be those guys talking to me. Then it's good.


ink, damn, love it.




@ nards, notice how everyone else is out of the boat but from our point of view we'd be the only ones left in. I think the "harden the fuck up" is directed towards the viewer.


Is this for sale somewhere? It needs to go in my gym.


Thanks! I needed a new wallpaper, and that fit the bill perfectly.

How about just calling this a wallpaper thread?


Not sure. I was thinking about just saving it to a jump drive and getting it printed out onto a poster.


Totally unrelated and NSFW

I came across this

while searching google image for a copy of the OP image b/c it wasn't loading for me.


Well, "Harden The Fuck Up" seems to work there too.


HA! Love this...actually, have these shorts...


POIDNH :smiley:


Damn some of their stuff looks really nice... pretty large price tags too though =xx




I don't believe you! I need pictures of you in those shorts as proof :slight_smile:


That James Franco one (if true) is pretty fucking impressive


The last one is my current wallpaper, but it should soon be replaced by the D-day guys.


It is true.


OMG! We have the same shorts!! :slightly_smiling:


And...and......he smokes a shitload of pot! Even more impressive.