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Best Injection Protocol?

I’m planning on going back to TRT and I’m wondering what the best Cypionate injection protocol is. I’ve seen 2 x per week at about 40-50mg per shot. Is this the ideal? I’m only 145lbs so I’m not sure if that’s too much or too little. I live in Canada and it will be difficult to get my doctor to “dial it in” so I’ll have to pretty much do that myself… hopefully with the help of this forum.

I’ve posted recent labs in previous topic communications if they are needed for reference.

thank you for your time and your assistance,

Labs from previous thread

The above links to a previous post where all of my labs are located.

Can’t advise without seeing your bloodwork.

Thank you. I’ve edited my thread with the link to the previous thread where my labs are located.

Did you get your SHBG checked? That will tell you how your body is using the test you provide it. Very important. Maybe I missed it in your blood work.

There is no best protocol.

100 mg per week works fine. If you’re a hypochondriac, doing two 50 mg shots per week might help put your mind at ease.

If you’re a real loon whose body is so sensitive and needs the fine tuning of a cyborg you can split it up further.

No… they didn’t test SHBG and it will be awhile before I can get in to see the doctor again unfortunately. In Canada it’s a little difficult to get blood tests whenever you want them.

So is the SHBG the deal breaker? Can I start TRT again without this marker? Right now I’m just taking some Creatine… about 3g per day.

Well it didn’t look like your numbers were that low. Remember, TRT is lifelong. You could be doing permanent damage to your endocrine system by taking TRT, meaning once you stop, your body may never recover. That’s why its important to only take it if you really need it.

That said, without SHBG, I’d go for the normal 100mg test/week OR split into two, 50mg shots twice a week to start.

There is no best injection protocol for everyone, what works for me will not necessarily work for you.

SHBG should be known before deciding on a protocol, lower SHBG man have more free hormones than someone with higher SHBG, higher SHBG men typically need a higher Total T to achieve similar free T as a low SHBG man.

Being obese will definitely be another important factor when designing a protocol, if estrogen is proving difficult to control, more frequent smaller injections may be necessary.

There are private clinics in Canada who specialize in TRT, you just have to look and not give up.

Looked at the labs, your numbers are in the low to mid range, but you have symptoms which could warrant TRT. Count me as another vote for weekly injections. The vast majority of guys do just fine with weekly dosing. If I were you, I would start with 100mg and move up from there. I’d guess your SHBG is on the higher side, maybe not, but I would still go with weekly dosing regardless. You can always increase injection frequency if once a week is not working.

Thanks. Bioavailable T was under the low marker and my regular T levels have never been good (mid 300’s).