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Best In-Season Football Program


Just wanted to get a general consensus on the best lifting/conditioning programs for in-season football players?

Defrancos WSB 2 seems one of the best to me but I wanted some more opinions.

Fire Away


Joe DeFranco's recommendation for in-season football training:

You must know that you can maintain your size and strength by lifting only 2 days a week. I feel the best way to go about this is to lift the day after the game (usually Sunday) and then again mid-week. The day after the game I would focus mostly on muscle mass maintenance. Warm-up and then perform 2 work sets of 6-10 reps for all the major muscle groups of your body. This workout will help you recover from your game as well as prevent muscle mass loss. A sample workout is as follows:

A. Barbell Squats ? 2 sets of 8-10
B. Flat Dumbell Bench Press ? 2 sets of 8-10
C. Chin-ups ? 2 sets of max reps
D. Standing lateral raises ? 2 sets of 8-10
E. Dumbell Curls ? 2 sets of 8-10
F. Swiss ball crunches ? 2 sets of 25
*After you warm-up, this workout shouldn?t take you longer than 35 min.

You would perform your "explosive" lift(s) during the second workout of the week. This is the day you can also work on your "weak links" (usually upper back/external rotators). Here?s a sample workout for Tuesday or Wednesday:

A. Hang Cleans ? 3 sets of 3
A. Box Squats with chains (50-60% of 1RM) ? 6 sets of 2
B. Reverse Hyperextensions ? 2 sets of 10
C. Bent-over Dumbell Rows ? 2 sets of 8 each arm
D. Cable external rotation ? 2 sets of 12 each arm
E. Abs (choice)


Thanks Nate Dogg I remember seeing that somewhere before, I really appreciate your help.


CW's NB3 comes to mind...


Yeah Nate (and Joe!) big ups, this sounds like a good rugby season workout. I have the tendency to do too much in season.


The september issue of Milo magazine has an excellent article about this subject written by Bill Starr, great publication for training knowledge


did I read that right - train the day after a game?!

From rugby experience, I swear that's impossible?! You'd spend the next day recovering from the day of the game lol, in fact the day after the game I always felt worse than right after the game cos thats when all the knocks and hits you put in start to hurt lol....


yes the day after the game. i followed a program almost exactly like the one laid out above for three out of four years during college ball and it worked wonders with recovery and i usually would even gain some strength during the season. i was usually about the only guy in the weightroom on sunday. i was beat to hell but i was still there. then finally the coach that they hired before my senior year was really into weights and recovery techniques so we had a full weight workout and our hardest conditioning practice of the week on sunday. it was tough but we were well conditioned and were able to play through injuries.


And of course the social had nothing to do with it right? I agree, Mon. sounds good for me, as Sun. is hungover, pill poppin football day!