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Best Hypertrophy Program?

[quote]jbodzin wrote:
um. just because you do a couple of chest exersices does not mean your going to have a big chest.

Your going to end up looking like the Huntch Back of Notre Dame with an unbalanced work out.[/quote]

i think the quazimoto effect would come from kyphosis, wich probably never happen with my current plan.

if somebody dosent wany big calves then they shouldent do calf raises right?

im sure ill do a chest exercise every now and then, just because it feels good sore. but seeing how im trying to put priority on upper back, arms delts, and legs. i think its a waste of time and recovery ability t o do much direct chest work.

heavy dips? mil press? punching? all work chest.

anyone find an exercise that pops out the rear delts?

Behind the neck press will work your middle and rear delts.

To the OP…I think you are going for the Olympic physique, as in an olympic gymnast…maybe a boxer or wrestler…lean, mean ripped muscle with a good bulgy shape but nothing bloated like you were the Michelin man of muscles…more of a Chippendale stripper from the old days than a regular steroid poster boy…

In that case, my advise is to train the chest through pre-exhaustion and/or post exhaustion after doing low-rep sets. Here is the kicker…you are not going to do Heavy sets in the traditional sense…pick loads that you can lift for 6 to 8 reps at maximal speed, as if you were going to punch someone with the bar or something…use dumbellsif possible, or machines, to avoid stress on stabilization muscles and joints.

Most likely, the heaviest weight you can lift “punch-fast” is something around the maximal weight you can handle for 10-12 reps, or your beloved 15 at normal pace. When I say that, I mean that you can do 6-8treps at maximal speed and then perhaps a 9th and 10th rep or more, but they will not be at high speed. Stop when you find yourself going slower.

Do pre-exhaustion or post exhaustion (whichever works the bet for you) with short-range flyes, or crossovers, using the portion of the range that gives you the best pump, and use small weightsd, think more of the Timed sets concept…it’s also doing a fast-paced, high speed rep but with light loads, to fatten up the Time Under Tension number, my advise is to do very light 20-second sets of flyes, and then move to the heaviest loads you can lift at maximal speed as I indicated before.

This scheme works for most guys under injury or recovery which want strenght and lean muscle gains without resorting to slow tempos, a fixed number of sets and reps and who can’t go heavy due to their recovery process…and also works a lot for boxers and fighters who need power, and strenght endurance and gaining bodyweight brunign fat and increasing muscle…it’s better to be a Super Welter if you are mostly muscle, lean muscle, than fatty muscle…and to hit faster, and harder…

Hey don’t forget that rows like seated rows, tbar rows, chins, lat pulldown etc. are doing internal rotation to your scapula!!

2 points:

  • Chad W believes in HFT so you can buy a kit of 3 elastic bands used for rehab or pilates do 20 hands pull-aparts 5 times daily at least 30 minutes in between for romboids/stretching pecs(front) it might be around 15$ they are soft but using 2 eventually 3 at the same time will be fine for your need. You can roll them twice around each hand to shorthen them or just hold them closer to the middle.

  • GVT was designed as a part specific program. You might select a CW program including a 10 x 10 for 2 body parts(the back would count for 2).

Off course when you feel balanced you can reevaluate your needs. The goal is 100 reps so if for time convenience you do 3 x 33 or 2 x 50 reps it is all good. The idea is to stay away from failure so you can repeat daily. You have 2 goals, shortening the back while stretching the front it is not all about getting stronger about the 100 reps. Off course it is an add-on to your selected program(where getting a stronger/biger back is fine).

OP- So you want no chest and HUUUUge arms and rear delts?


Ok. Go immediatley to the squat rack. Tell all the big guys you are going to be there “for a while”.

Then proceed to do 30 sets of squat-rack-curls. Do forced reps, ladder reps, rest pause, drop sets, “21 guns”, every damn intensity menthos you can think of.

Make sure you end each set by yelling <<<BOOM!!>>>

This is get ya da’ gunz Brah.

6’ and only 175? Less shakes more food. Don’t be afraid of fat. Thats pretty much beginners weight for that height.

Look at the age of the original post… Also he said he wanted big legs, rear deltoids, back, and arms along with saying that he thinks that his chest is unbalanced with his back. (meaning that the chest is stronger than the back) No one here would train an overpowering muscle even more (just maintain instead) if they are training for aesthetic reasons, would they? So why criticize an ancient post that is doing the same thing you would.

At some point nutrition must play as big a role in your efforts as your training program. And in many instances it’s even more important. I would say in your case you have to up the calories at least to begin with.

WTF happened here?

[quote]infinite_shore wrote:
WTF happened here?[/quote]

Some kind of black hole phenomenon within the board where the meaning of time becomes relative if not irrelevant.

It must be pretty annoying for the OP to find out that the best hypertrophy program still isn’t invented yet after all these years of evolution.

I hope his current self found other means to enhance his shoulders and arms compared to his past self in the meantime.

Research in the field of bionic arms and shoulders looks promising. Maybe another 5 years?

Whats up with HST?

Wait did I just read, behind neck press works more the rear delts?
Thats so fakin false.
In matter of fact, the anterior delt its in a more stretched positition, thats why ends up doing way more work than the other heads.

Whatever you do, don’t do close grip bench to work your tris. You might work chest by accident resulting in it growing. And pecs are gross