Best hypertrophy program

What program on t-mag would be best for someone who wants to strictly gain muscle mass? I’m thinking about OVT for two 4 weeks segments. Particularly, I’m looking to develop my chest and back, but an overall program would be best…
My problem is that I am a lot stronger than I look. Most people when they ask me can’t believe I can lift what I lift. It’s not a bad thing, but I’d like to add some muscle mass.
Thanks for all the help.

What is your age, weight, height, current body fat, caloric intake, protein intake, sleep patterns and daily activity?

assuming everything else is dialed in my vote goes to ovt.

i would urge you however to rearange the split to coincide with your goals.

I’m 21, 6’2 205 and recently got my body fat tested at a little above 10%. I take in roughly 300 grams of protein per day and limit my carbs. I’m sleep a lot, probably 10 hours a night. Within the last year, I’ve been focusing mainly on strength switching between 5x5 and a powerlifting routine. I play basketball two times per week.

Which training program works is for someone can be highly individual. You may have to try a few before you find one that works. Some people have success by switching their programs on a regular basis, other have better results sticking to one program. You’ll have to find what works for you.

That being said, I recently started Chad Waterbury’s Anti Bodybuilding Program for Hypertrophy (ABBH) and am impressed with my results.

Since you have tried lower reps (5), I would say do an 8 to 10 rep scheme with maybe 4-5 sets per body part.

I would also stop the basketball if you really want to put on some size. Your body fat is around 10% so you are okay there. Time to try a bulking program for a cycle.

Bah. Go ahead and play basketball. I think it’s been stated enough times that cardio can help you add muscle if planned into the cycle.

For gaining mass i do a bodypart 2x a week, the first workout being OVT and the second being 5x5 and with varying intensities but only did one high intensity workout a week (usually the ovt). i found doing only OVT by itself had me overtraining so i mixed it up with a 5x5 day as a recovery/easier workout later in the week. good luck

oh yeah, i was never into those super setting programs where you do a set of bench then a set of rows 90 sec later, i felt i couldn’t keep the intensity up for more than 2-3 sets and just felt like shit doing these.

I would suggest Phase II of the Growth Surge Project.