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Best Hungover Food


Now, I have had a drink in a while , for obvious reasons, unhealthy yadda yadda. But last night I ended up going about a quart deep, this morning obviously I feel like oprahs vagina after her 5 year dryspell and finally being smashed by some hired escort. I've been sitting here contemplating what to get and what my craving is for...

So here is the question, what is the first thing you go for when hung over? salt foods? Spicy foods? etc and what/where?


Ewww. I'm almost not going to respond to this because of that comparison. Again, ewww.

But I will anyway. I've always found steak and eggs to be the best hangover food, along with one beer (or other alcoholic drink).

Eggs have a lot of leucine (I think, or some other amino) which helps a lot with hangovers. IIRC it helps to remove methanol from your system, which is one of the main causes of you feeling like....that aforementioned sea donkey's nether regions.

The "one beer" helps to restart the Cytochrome responsible for methanol metabolism. You'll see a lot of articles on MSN and so on which say the hair of the dog doesn't work, but one of my professors (who had a PhD specifically in cytochrome metabolism) explained to me the reason why it does work. I forget why....but in my experience it helps a lot.

Steak has been scientifically-proven to instill youthful vitality and overall vigourosity to the humours, while energizing the whole body with almost impossible levels of electrostatic torque and "pep". Check pubmed, it's all there...


Steak and Eggs sounds way too healthy for when I'm hungover. For me it usually a huge double cheeseburger from 5 Guys.


"Hair of the Dog"

Hangover done.


5 egg omellete with ham, cheese, peppers and onions, etc. Some toast, plain. Orange juice, and 600 mg of ibuprofen.

This works a lot better if you get it before passing out for the night. The problem is making it when you're ready to pass out.

Now that you're already hungover, a couple Bloody Mary's will have you feeling back to normal, and then you can eat and carry on with your day.


Unfortunately with this approach it usually turns into a "rally" and them I'm faced with my hangover coming at a later point. Whoops.


Damn kids, food will help but you need to hydrate, that is why you have a hangover. Avoid high carb and caffiene drinks. Drink a gallon of water and go to bed.


whenever i've had a hard night i always like pho... (vietnamese soup noodles...)


Listen to this man. Although you probably don't need a full gallon. 16ozs of water every 5-7 drinks does fine for me.


Anything greasy, particularly fried food. I was part of a bachelors party not too long ago and one of the guys there was studying for his M.D. and he explained the science behind it, but I don't remember it. Anyway, it seems to be true for me.


I honestly hope you are joking. Good luck with life.


Yea full gallon is a lot but alcohol is processed by time, nothing, nothing hurries it up. The dehydration effect that alcohol has on the body causes the nausea, headache etc. Sleep and water, only thing that will help.


I was being completely serious. Something about alcohol and grease balance each other out. I'm not suggesting that it's a great idea for your physique to be eating greasy food, but it will calm your stomach.


Sorry man I have a few degrees in the medical field. No, fat ingestion will not do anything for your hangover. Everyone will have theories, however evidence based medicine is what I am basing this on plus 15 years of working in ER. And at 37 I have had my fair share of hangovers.


Word, you are more educated than I am. Maybe it's just satisfying to have pizza or fried chicken when you feel like shit :wink:


WTF - another white dude that likes pho for a hangover? I come in here expecting to put pho down and have no one know what the hell I was talking about.

Edit - the reason pho works is because of the salty broth - gatorade can help do the same thing. As far as drinking a bunch before bed, I just hope you aren't too drunk otherwise you might have to change your sheets in the morning (I have known people who try to hydrate before passing out only to piss the bed if you didn't understand what I was getting at).


The effect of dehydration on hangovers is only part of the story. You've also got acetylaldehyde floating around from the metabolism of ethanol, as well as fusel alcohols (congeners) produced by fermentation which play a huge role in making you feel like shit the next day.

Drinking water between beers/shots will reduce the severity of the hangover, but I don't care how much water/pedialyte/etc you down while drinking....if you're doing shot after shot of bourbon, you're feeling it the next day.


Bananas for the potassium. It helps + water and gatorade.


There will always be metobilites floating around, if you ever took care of somebody who has had heat stress (stroke), heat exhaustion. They will tell you feels just like a hangover.


2 FINiBARs and 3 scoops of MAG-10 in 2 liters of water.