Best Hour for Blood Test While on TRT?

Hi guys,

Even when it’s been only 2 weeks since I started TRT, I plan to do a blood test soon. This is mainly because I’m also struggling with thyroid problems and need to check them again (cannot delay this). But I will also be testing my test levels only to check that my enanthate is what it is.

So the question is: I am doing EOD; should I test myself the same day of my t injection (after it), or on the day I don’t inject?

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Your should test levels at trough, right before your injection. Don’t waste your time and money running testosterone panels at a time when levels are building up in your bloodstream. I would expect your levels to still be low so no point in testing.

I find I need more mg using enanthate than I do using cypionate. You want to test thyroid when testosterone levels reach homeostasis.

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Thanks @systemlord ! I do know that testing testosterone now is “futile”, but I expect to have higher levels than when I started. If not, then my t enanthate will probably be bunk (though I doubt this).

I need to check thyroid levels. Before starting trt I was total t3 literally borderline and I’m feeling worse with evident and clear symptoms like very dry skin, trouble sleeping, very cold hands and feet, low libido etc. If I results are still low I cannot delay introducing t3 now.

You never going to be able to optimise thyroid treatment testing for T3, you need fT3 testing. T3 isn’t the active thyroid hormone and the test is obsolete.

Man you have a weird system dude. I’m not for a second doubting or questioning anything you’ve said about your experience, don’t get me wrong. Just that so much of what you’re experiencing makes no logical sense it’s gotta be such a pain to deal with. I feel for ya man!

Hi @systemlord . I will request total t4, total t3, free t4 and free t3. And tsh.

Test at the time of your next injection before you take that injection. Good luck bud

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