Best Horizontal Pull for Bench Press Accessory?

Hi all,

A while ago I posted about using a certain barbell row variation as a deadlift accessory: Barbell Row as Deadlift Accessory and got good feedback. Have had great success with the movement during my hypertrophy block and plan to continue using it at lower reps/high intensity as I transition into a strength block. It’s now my favourite accessory for DL.

So today the question is what are your thoughts on the “best” Horizontal Pulling variation to use as a Bench Press accessory?

While I don’t have my own suggestion like in the other post I’ll set the mood with a vid ft. Brett Gibbs and JP Cauchi:

In the past I’ve been at poorly equipped gyms and bare basics garage gyms so have done plenty of vertical pulling e.g. weighted chins/pullups… probably an imbalanced amount. These days I’m at a gym that is decently equipped tho is more a bodybuilding gym so lots of machines and no specialty bars. Still it’s a lot more to choose from.

For my upcoming strength block I’m tossing up between Flat BB Seal Rows, Plate Loaded Chest Supported Row Machines and Straight Bar Cable Rows.

Which exercise would you suggest I do? Something not listed?

What are your top horizontal pulling movement for a bigger bench without restrictions on equipment?