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Best Home Stepper?

On the basis that the UK seems to be on the verge of locking down and shutting gyms again, and it being too damn cold and miserable to run about outdoors, I’m thinking about getting a stepper to use at home.
Any experiences/thoughts/recommendations?

Is it? Fuck.

I have a Wattbike Atom (smartbike) for home use. The science behind cycle training is orders of magnitudes better that when I used to race back in the late '70s & Early '80’s.

dont know about steppers but I second cycling. Ideally an Airdyne or Assault Bike. These give you upper body work as well.

I don’t get the thrill. I have a Rogue Assault, and I am getting rid of it this week, I got it because it came with a bunch of stuff - a guy was moving and I bought most of his equipment. I like a stationary bike better, but actually got more out of a treadmill. Steppers can be okay too. I find the upper body part annoying and unnecessary, I lift weight and beat up my shoulders enough already.

I hear you on the cycling - really thinking of going for a stepper instead for 2 reasons:

I do a bit of cycling most days on a Boris bike (which is the crappest wheeled transport in the known universe)
Taking up a bit less space at home

Might be worthwhile wearing a heart rate monitor while you are Boris Biking. You’ll find it useful to be able to map your RPE to heart rate.

I would be surprised if a stepper takes up less floor space that a home Wattbike

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