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Best Home DB workout

I recently had to put my gym membership on hold due to financial constraints. I have a incline/decline bench @ home and 4 sets of DB .Can you help me formulate a workout program with just those pieces of equipment , and a jump rope . Any suggetions would be helpful. I am also looking to build a squat rack at home if you have plans or suggestions please respond.

There are about a gazillion possible workouts with the gear you have and imagination. I would start by reading all the Coach Davies stuff on the site , even if you don’t train R style there are a lot of exercises you can use. I would then read articles by Mike Mahler, Ian King’s Death by bodyweight (I think that is what it is called) and the first stage of his limping series. That will certainly give you a good start.

I’ll leave the exercise selection up to you, but one thing that I would definitely recommend is reading Staley’s EDT articles and applying the concepts to your workouts.