Best HIIT with Lower Back Injury?

So, I’ve been cutting for nearly 4 weeks, weight is still dropping fairly consistently, but I want to work in some HIIT slowly throughout the next 8 weeks or so. I injured my lower back (fairly certain is just a pulled spinal erector) and want to know what HIIT is going to irritate my back the least. Also this doesn’t fall under conditioning, but what leg exercises will best maintain my strength throughout the cut? I have mostly tried unilateral exercises like single leg RDLs and have felt no irritation as of yet.

I’ve found pull/push eccentric-less training using a tyre or prowler if a good conditioning tool even if my lower back has felt a bit dodgy. Regarding leg strength, I think the obvious rule of thumb is if it doesn’t hurt do it - which is what you’re already doing with the unilateral work. Trying to force the issue with squats/deadlifts, could lead to a greater problem especially if your lower back issue is actually disc-related. Having a chronic lower back issue, I can state there are ways to train around it assuming you are not in pain. For me, trap bar deadlifts have been a revelation. This can be augmented when done from blocks. Strangely, through trial and error, I also found old school barbell hack squats work well for me too. Although, I did read the hack squat in not knee friendly. Good luck.

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Really appreciate the feedback, thank you!

As said above, prowler is great if you have it. Bicycle sprints (ex like tabata) would work as well.

Front squats don’t cause any problem for my lower back (I have a slipped L1/S5) but they might for erectors, so give it a try. If not heavy Bulgarian split squats would be my choice. Also try reverse hypers, they’re great rehab/str tool IMO.

Water running. And 20 characters long…

Can’t beat the airdyne bike for low impact conditioning. Try these two…

20-30 sets - 6 second max effort sprint, 54 second EASY spin - try to maintain same RPMs during max effort sprint


20-30 sets - 30 seconds at 85%, 30 seconds at 50%, goal is to maintain same RPMs during hard and easy intervals and slowly increase overtime.

I am a big guy. I put on 40 lbs after abdominal wall tear surgery.I am trying to lose the weight and sernoma associated with it.
My question is which is better and easier on the body for cardio and weight loss, cycling or running?

Cycling is better for sure

I find punching a heavy bag loosens up my back and arm muscles. It is also a great HIIT workout.