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Best Headphones for Working Out


I've gotten pretty dependent on music while working out, but hate headphones that dont stay in, or having to buy new ones after sweating and basically water damaging the old ones.

Any suggestions on earphones/brands or ways to reduce the water damage from sweating? Or do i just suck it up and buy a new pair every few months?


Sennheiser have a range of headphones for training.


After very quickly shorting out other brands through sweating, I now use by the Sennheiser PMX70 headphones. I've had mine for over a year now without fail:


I see an updated model out there as well (PMX80) with good reviews.


Dude Skullcandy is the best. So cheap and I've used mine for about 3 years. Sweat all over them and work perfect.


Why does each headphone manufacturer colour their training headphones in stupid bright colours?!


I got these from Walmart:

They're cheap enough that I won't weep if I step on them, they sound excellent, isolate noise quite well, don't leak noise even at high levels, and they have a volume adjuster on the cord near the top so I don't have to pull them player out to turn them down.


I got these after breaking my old pair from sweat:

They came w/ 3 pairs of plastic ear bud thingies in different sizes, and they stay put pretty well, even w/ the olympic lifts; they rarely fall out of my ears, and if they do its usually because I snagged the cord w/ the bar or something.

Not a lot of thought went into the purchase, and I just went up to best buy saying a need a new pair of headphones and got the most durable/athletic pair I could find. Not too expensive either and the cord length is good, not too short, not too long.


god i love this site, exactly what i needed. Thanks guys.


I don't invest alot into headphones only because I either break them or lose them so often. I had a pair of Bose headphones that I lost, which cost me $100, and I was pissed as hell. I go with some cheap Sony's and I am good.


same. I probably broke 5 headphones in the past year. now I grab what I can get cheap. I even started using Earphones and if they don't stay in, wear a BEANIE/TUKE and cover them up so they won't fall out.


Sennheiser PX 100 - not exactly the most stylish pair, as they resemble headphones from the early 90s, but still they stay in place, bump music, and I've had mine for 3+ years now. I can't stand any form of ear bud, or headphones that curl around the outer ear. Maybe its just the structure of my ears, but they never seem to stay in place.


You don't want headphones, you want EARPHONES.

Etymotic and Shure are two of the best. Shure E2c or E3c, Etymotic ER-6i.

The Etymotics have a thinner cable that tangle a lot more easily, but their ear flanges (what you stick in your ear) sit way better than any of the Shure ear tips. Shure has slightly more bass.

They'll run you $70-100 but they REALLY block most outside noise - amazing.



Clean & clear sound while blocking out other noise.


I bought the Skull Candy one's and they were too long...honestly they kept getting in the way. Don't get me wrong they produced a great sound and blocked out all the grunting (in the gym) but kinda long...


By "too long", do you mean the cord was too long? If so, you've got to run the headphone cord down the inside of your shirt and tuck your player, and any extra cord length, into your shorts pocket. That's a little trick I learned after having my earphones yanked out several times as they caught on a dumbbell during a lift or some such.


I have these too and they work great!


X2 they can be pricey but excellent quality.