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Best Headphones for Exercise


just wondering what everyone is using for their workouts? I have been using Monster Turbines which sound excellent! However they do not stay in your ears and need constant adjusting. They are fine for sitting around like say on an airplane, but lifting and running make them less than desirable.

I have tried the Power Beats that loop over the ear, but they do not make a good seal and I hear everything that is going on in the gym. Idiots talking, plates clanking and the shitty music that is being played in the gym.

I also tried the Monster I sport headphones that are supposed to be waterproof and sweat proof. Great concept but I couldn't get them to stay in my ears either. I tried and tried but to no avail.

So I am back to the Turbines and the search for the proper headphones that will give me the best sound and comfort while working out.

So...what have you used or are using that gets the job done?


I like over ear headphones for the gym. The Sony xb550 are really good and have a reasonable price point. I personally just upgraded to the vmoda crossfade Lp's. I bought the certified new from their site. These are sick. The durability, sound quality, and look make them impossible to beat. Great bass on both pairs mentioned, with the vmodas you will hear details in songs that you never noticed.


I seem to break every pair of headphones I buy within a couple weeks, so I stick with the cheapo $10 earbuds.


OP, they do not stay in your ears because your ears are broken. You need to take them back to the store and get new ones. If you do not want to go to that expense, then I suggest creatine in your socks - 2 scooped each.

In before Nards


Shure in-ear earbuds.

Expensive, but great quality, very durable.


The 535s are like $500 I think, I have the 215s, they were $99.


I use my 400 watt stereo in my workout room. Its attached to a 500gig HD of tunes and play lists I like.

I choose the tunes and I lift naked or in underwear ... getting away from a gym is the best thing ever.

screw your headphones ... free yourself


cool headphones bro


Really? No one else huh?


Same here. I once splurged on a $50 pair of creative ear buds that regularly cost $50 and they lasted me a little over a year.

I can't believe the people who wear the $200+ beats headphones to the gym.


I had the same problem for a while.

Buy the Shure 215s for $99. They wont break and sound quality is amazing,
Ultra durable.


I have audio technica Ath-m50's, a pair of sony earbuds and ten dollar cheap earbuds. Most of the time I use the sony. Anywhere else I'm basically glued to the techinca's.




XB500 in the gym? that's big. I only use them at home, for fear of embarrassment really...


WHoa...I just saw this and wonder what about headphones made you think of me? I'm buffaloed!

I may never have seen this either as I usually wouldn't have a reason to click but one of my earbuds is broken...I think my sweat got in and corroded it.


I usually try to get ones that work.

I have a couple pair that don't.


Figured you would check and leave some smart ass remark. Thought I would give it a try. Appears I should leave the such remarks to you.


Oh, I see....that's sweet!

My remark would have been:

Just listen to your favorite songs at home and pay careful attention to them, then just remember them when you are in the gym. No new headphones necessary!