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Best Headphone for Training?


What do you guys use/recommend for head/earphones to train with?

Things to consider:

In earbuds?
Over the ear headphones?
Sweat resistant?
Audio Quality?

I have been using a pair of Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Noise Isolating Earphones, that I got at a great price, but they can get rather annoying after awhile.

What have you found that works for you during your training sessions?


Love the Bose ie2. I have better sounding headphones but price, comfort were most important for me for training and I have No complaints.


[quote]Steve Rogers wrote:
Love the Bose ie2. I have better sounding headphones but price, comfort were most important for me for training and I have No complaints.[/quote]

love these, fantastic sound -good bass without going overboard and great detail.


Shure SE earphones.

Only pair I’ve owned that have lasted longer than 2 months. Also great sound quality.

Drawbacks: Pricey.


I have the Klipsch Image S-4 in ear headphones and they work great. I got them off ebay for a good price.

I wear them to the gym, around town and always have them in when I work. I plant trees so they are in the woods Monday to Friday, rain or shine they work great. I have had them in while it rained all day and they have never quit on me. They are over a year old, close to two years going strong.

The sound is awesome to me, clear and you can hear things otherwise unheard with other headphones. And they are really light and comfortable to wear. I have mine in for 9 hours straight at work and don’t even notice them.

Forgot to mention that they are noise cancelling. Don’t have to have the volume very high which is nice, ipod lasts a lot longer.


I go with some shit Sony earbuds that cost $20.

I am clumsy with my ipod and drop it all the time. Plus I sweat alot, so I am reluctant to dish out alot of money when I am likely to destroy them.

If this were not an issue, I would go with some Bang and Olufsen headphones, sound incredible.


My favourite ones over the years have been Seinheiser HD202s, very cheap but outstanding quality.

Going to treat myself to a pair of Razer Krakens next month for winter tho.


hahahahaha!! headphones for training??? omg!!! what next?? a post asking what music most listen to??


I bought a pair Sony’s today for $15 its the same pair I had before for 2years they work good and are pretty cheap


I have the Sony MW1 and like it a lot. It’s a bluetooth headset that lets you plug in any 3.5 mm headphones, but the ones included are quite good. What I like most about these is I can just clip them to my collar, keep my phone playing music or a podcast in my bag and move freely. And it’s got a memory card and mp3 player, so when I want to use my phone to record a set, I switch to playing from the memory card. Very convenient if someone calls too. Great range and battery life.

Cons: Expensive. Not as good audio as plain headphones in the same price range.

Klipsh image S4 have too small a hole IMO, it just fills up with wax all the time and they’re hard to clean without a pin or something.