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Best HCG Protocol?

Hi gents, so I’ve been reading mixed views on HCG.

Some recommend to use all the way through your cycle to never shut your balls, others say doing that will hinder your LH restart when you finally get off the gear etc…

I’m starting a 250mg test E cycle for around 12 weeks. What would be the best HCG protocol to have the smoothest recovery? All opinions welcome, cheers.

I would use it as a bridge between the cycle and the PCT. So once 12 weeks is done, you should wait about 3 weeks to start PCT. During that 3 weeks take 500 iu EOD of HCG. Then stop the HCG and go into your SERM PCT. HCG IME works pretty fast, your balls should be full and sagging after 3 weeks.

Why only 250 mg/wk? I think you will be slightly above high normal, but I don’t really think you will see a lot of gains, at least not comparable with a higher dose.


Ditto. Low side 400mg IMO