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Best Hamstring Exercises?


What do you feel gives you the best results for your hamstrings?


Deadlift. GHR. Squats.


Good mornings


GHR, lying leg curl, olympic back squat w/ pause at bottom


SLDLs with a very long strentch and slow negative, GHRs and weighted back extensions

I don't have a lying leg curl, but the seated one does nothing but bother my hips


GHR,SLDL's, leg curls. yeah i said. especially lying ones.




Lying and standing leg curls work best for me.


Cable pullthoughs
Doggystyle leg curls
Seated leg curls

I like cable pullthroughs more than rdls because you can get a wicked stretch at the bottom by looking through your legs


Number 1: Stiff Leg deadlift


SLDL, lying leg curls, RDL.


what has yet to be mentioned? kb swings, sprinting


I personally like forward tire drags, glute ham raise and deadlifts.


sldl with dbs


The best movement nobody does is Single Leg Back Extensions (on a glute-ham, not one of those 45 degree thingys). I think single leg isolates the hamstrings better than regular Back Extensions. For me, pilling on a lot of weight on BEs hurts my piriformis so Sl is much better for me.

I find if I do low weight for high reps I feel it more in the glute. When I hit it in the 5-10 rep range hamstrings are the limiting factor.


look up John Meadows ham killers, next to SLDL it rapes your hams.


How exactly do you perform forward tire drags?


tie a rope through a tire

Ho,d rope in hands

Lean forward

Walk with big strides

I do forward drags with my prowler


Hmm, I would think of that is a tire pull...I was imagining a tire drag as walking backwards or something.



Not sure what to think or say Hungry...

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