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Best Gyms in Manhattan?

Can any of you guys give me some good info on good gyms in Manhattan? I prefer places with lots of free weights, squat racks, etc. and not a great deal of people, and oh yeah, cheap. Sounds perfect right? Well, any info would be great.

Joe Dowdell’s place is great:


Tell him I sent ya; he’s a good friend. We’re actually doing a seminar at the gym in July.


I don’t mean to hijack this thread but my gf is looking for a gym in Manhattan as well.

My GF is moving to NY and will be working around Broadway and West 45th.

She wants a bodybuilder type gym where people are there to make progress and not socialize (though she does want a friendly gym at the same time… just a gym with good positive vibes).

Also she would like something not too expensive.

Personally I would love to train at Peak Perforance, but I think my gf is looking for something a little more aesthetics oriented.

Any suggestions?