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Best Gym in TORONTO ?

Hey all:

No clue as to how many subscribers to this forum are from TORONTO but I would like to know what in your collective opinions is the best gym in TORONTO.

In terms of equipment moreso than hot women although they are a definite benefit… having both would be like Valhalla…

I’m asking as I have been at the local Y for the past few years and the staleness and glut of punk ass teenagers is starting to really rile me up… I know you can build a decent body in a crappy gym w/the right attitude… the YMCA will never get good equipment. I want a gym with good equipment (e.g., Hammer Strength, grip machines, pullovers, wobble boards, maybe kettlebells) that is focused on lifting and that is it… Anyone that has suggestions thank you in advance.

Hey, I thought it was fun to stay at the YYYYYMMMMMCCCCCAAAAA!(village people) Anyway seriously, I’m not in T.O (St.Thomas ON) but I’ve heard that the athletic club’s are top notch (don’t have one in St.T they’re only in London) Or maybe look for a smaller more guy’s only oriented gym. We’ve got one here, and I’m going to switch to it when I start my first cycle. I’m at the YMCA as well and I’ve found the exact same thing here. I will miss the scenery though (All those nice firm bottoms bouncing on the treadmills…)

Good Luck,

Have you checked out Venice Gym, On Warden just south of Eglington. Huge gym with great assortment of hammer strength and free weights. Open 24hrs. I got a week memebership over christmas last year because my gyms holiday hours sucked hard.
side benefit plenty of fitness type hotties

Leafs suck!!!

Where in Toronto? Mack’s Gym out on Dundas and Bloor is a serious iron pit… no frills. I’m not a member there but have checked it out…


Kieran is right.

That’s all I can add to this.

dundas and bloor?

Sorry, but those streets run parallel to one another. So they do not intersect.

why is it that BC always yells the loudest how much they hate TO but when they need a job they move in?

where Dundas and Bloor meet you will find Dundas West Subway Station.

Where in Toronto are you? If your north central, check out Extreme Fitness

riverdale fitness, formerly alfies, on the danforth. Major intersections are danforth and jones,great gym basics, allows chalk and has olympic lifting platforms and rubber plates.

Bally’s Fitness inside the Eaton Centre is quite decent. The one at bay/bloor is shit though.

[quote]8pointcross wrote:
Where in Toronto are you? If your north central, check out Extreme Fitness [/quote]

I second Extreme Fitness. Although their management is crap, and they’re all over the place with membership prices and “he said, she said” crap, they have top notch equipment.

The only problem I have with them (I’m at the one in Richmond Hill) is that its way too busy during prime hours. I go at 11pm and its almost dead.

Well, since you don’t mention where you are in TO…all I can do is recommend my club. I’m at Bally’s at West Metro. Good management, good equipment. The people that go are great, too. I generally go in the evening hours before closing - not too busy, always someone there willing to spot - serious lifters. (Of course there are always those that just make you laugh.)
And, yeah, as for Bay&Bloor - I heard that it’s pretty busy & if you go there you’d better not mind getting hit on by all the gay men there.

“Trainer’s” gym at Bathurst just south of Bloor was decent. Except the owner was a weiner head (patrolled it like a cop-looking for rule breakers).

Rino’s Gym on Dundas just west of Runnymede is pretty hardcore. Dim lighting, big big boys there and the smell of testosterone is in the air.