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Best Gym/Camp in a Cheap Warm Country?



Next year i'll be in need of as much MMA training as possible.

Therefore im looking for at place to fly to, and train which also have houses at the camp (or close)

Ive looked on thailand - but which are the best? My budget is around 2-3000$ for 1 month with everything (also turist stuff)

Also im REALLY interested in other countries!! what is possible?

Thanks and kind regards!


TWO threads about this nonsense? Really?




I suggest you look up Mark Coleman and ask if you can train at "Hammer House" excellent training facility, you could be the next Phil Baroni in no time!


where are you now?

You might be shocked to find some guys close to you right now and save money.


You can come crash at my house man.

(I'm mostly joking, but you'd be surprised at the training and "tourist stuff" you could get here. Come on down. Or up. Or over. Where are you now?)


I live in Denmark (Europe)

Close to any of you?


to the fellow yanks- do not invite a euro citizen to your house.
they will show up :slight_smile:

go to cuba.
great Judo
Great boxing
great music

all the roids you can afford.


haha thats true kmc :slight_smile:

anyway that cubathing sounds really nice!

do you have any names to search for on google?