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Best Gym Bags


Does anyone know of a company that makes gym bags for hardcore guys? I need something that is big enough to hold the usual gym stuff but not to big. I need the gym bag to hold bands, power hooks, thick grips, arm blaster, plate mates, grip tools, knee and elbow raps, training journal, MP3, extra shirt exctra. This of course would not all be taken on the same day, just throughout the training block It would also be nice to have two large pockets on the side to hold a few large water bottles and the other pocket to hold a shaker cup, liniments, and some supplement pills. The bag also needs to have a tough bottom so the weight of the training accessories would not bend it.

Any ideas out there.


I don't know about the side pockets, but ironmind.com make a very tough and durable gym bag...almost too tough.


Thanks I will give them a try. I called EliteFTS and they said they are working on a gym bag, but are having problems finding one that is tough enough for power lifters and strong men.


Surplus / Camping stores.. go to one - if you have an Uncle Sam's store in your area, it should do fine.

You can nearly always get a pretty good deal on a variety of strong canvas duffles in sizes running very small to very, very large. So your medium sized bag should be there. And I'm not talking about surplus/used stuff, either. I mean a quality, new bag.


I bought the large duffle from IronMind, it rocks. 3 side pockets (2 side, 1 front) and a large main pocket. Plus a small 'valubles pocket on the inside' I love it. The IronMind logo speaks hardcore itself. My car was broken into and the gym bag was stolen about a week after I bought it. I liked it so much I spent the $86 and purchased another one right away.


Ironmind has the best bags


For you guys that are carrying the IronMind bag, I'm guessing it's best just to go ahead and get the large? I see on their website that you can also use it as a "carry-on" bag so I'd assume that it's not super big.


my favorite


With all that I'd leave it in a locker at the gym. You'd damn near get a workout just lugging that shit around. Unless you go to different places to train.