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Best guitar solo

Oh yeah, Frank Zappa. My favorite ones are Ship Ahoy, Why Johhny Can’t Read & Pink Napkins from Shut Up & Play Your Guitar and Stevie’s Spanking and Black Napkins.

Mother-Pink Floyd or For the Love of God-Steve Vai

The solo on The Wall, great. Also For The Love of God by Steve Vai. Yngwie Malmsteen’s Crying was amazing too.

Working Man by Rush

Years and years ago, a good friend of mine who was the lead singer of a local band, was telling me about her favorite guitarists - and she mentioned Yngwie Malmsteen. SInce I was “musically ignorant” at the time and thinking I didn’t hear her right, I said “What?”…and she said, “Oh, man, Yngwie Malmsteen - he’s the best!” I then just said, “well, with a name like that, you better be good at something…”

That's all I got to add to this thread - but I dig just about anything by Eddie Van Halen. How I loved Van Halen in the 80's. *sigh*

The three V’s in no particular order:Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. You pick the solo.

The guitar solo in Phil Collins’ “Easy Lover” (the live version.) I’m serious…

George Benson plays octaves like no other. Leaves any on-looking jazz guitarist in wonderment!

mark tremonti - stand here with me (creed)
and vernon reed - cult of personality (living color)

Stairway to heaven, jimmy page
heartbreaker, jimmy page
machine gun, hendrix

Any of the great solos by Buddy Guy or Albert Collins. I love Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, but to hear either of the first two solo is to hear where Jimi and SRV learned their trade.

Lightnin’ Hopkins “Walkin” It’s old from about the late 40’s early 50’s.The guy was incredible.He plays both the lead line and the bass line at the same time on a six string acoustical guitar.

If you thought that was good you should hear Adrian Legg & Leo Kottke! They play a different kind of music, but they play 2-4 different parts, & on the tracks where they use 12 strings they get this huge sound, but it’s only a guitar.

These are obscure(sp.) ones, but both I would consider as part of my favorites. “Child in Time” from Deep Purple’s “In Rock” album and “Pheonix” from the self titled Wishbone Ash album. Both are old (from the early 1970’s) but I would definately suggest that people check the songs out. “Child in Time” is over 10 minutes long with a guitar solo in the middle about 3 1/2 minutes long. The optimal form of a rock song in my opinion. “Pheonix” also has the same kind of structure, but the solo more extends from the middle to the end rather than being mostly in the middle. Keep rockin everyone.

My brother, he played in the band Phafner in the 70’s and they did a concert in our hometown. He still plays and he’s really good. Of course I’m a little prejudice because he’s my brother. However he says Eddie Van Halen is his favorite.

On country fiddler Mark O’Connor’s 1991 album entitled “The New Nashville Cats” there is an incredible solo by Brent Mason on the tune “Pick It Apart.” Must be heard to be believed! Mark O’Connor’s not too shabby a guitar picker either even though he’s better known as a fiddler.

As a lead guitarist and nephew of a lead guitarist that has 33 years experience as a lead player I have far too many to mention. My uncle Spider’s played with REO, Canned Heat and recently recorded with Slipknot, and I would put him in there with the best of the best. But since you asked for a specific solo I’ll mention a few of the more complicated. My hats off to Randy Rhodes for his work on “Crazy Train” great tap work.However, Eddie Van Halen does take the two handed tapping cake.I must agree,“Free Bird” is a phenomenal solo, but as far as complication is concerned it has a lot of repetition and is based on three positions and bends over the same repetitous chord progression. I also notice it lacks speed and harmonical variations when compared to others.But dont get me wrong, it’s originality and five chord progression put it in a category all to its own. I guess when asked what is the “best” it all comes down to your preference. For the variety and speed I favor, my money is on Jimi Hendrix for his crybaby-wha work on “VooDoo Child” and his ability to play by ear during his Woodstock preformance.Over all speed to work up and down the fretboard goes to Jimmy Page, either the Yardbirds cover of 'Smokestack Lightning" or “Stairway to Heaven”.

Leopard Skin Pill-Box from Blonde on Blonde, the finest album ever. I think Robbie Robertson did the solo.

rory gallagher, this guy is amazing check him out old bluesy rock folk combo, page, since i’ve been loving you, any zep song has amazing guitar, hendrix “the best”, i like kenny wayne shepard’s stuff it’s new and fresh he has a good vocalist in his band too, clapton’s work on from the cradle is amazing 5 long years, too many to list!!!