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Best guitar solo

What’s the best guitar solo you’ve ever heard? I must give a vote to Skinner’s Freebird…

I’ll give a rebel yell to that.

Eruption - Eddie Van Halen.

Danny Gatton playing his Orange Blossom Medley off of his 9/9/94 In Concert album. He plays Orange Blossom Special on his Telecaster! Eruption is good too though.

thats a tough decision, but I must say that Dimebag Darrells on “flood” is really good.

White cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson.

Gossard’s bass solo from Atlanta Rhythm Section’s “Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight” – the best bass I’ve heard.
Guitar – basically anything by Joe Satriani.

Van Halens Erection

Anything by Wes Montgomery?

Id have to say little wing, by stevie ray vaughn, though i love the hendrix version as well. both have a bit of bass and percussion, but theyre awesome. I also like the solo at the end of comfortably numb.

The solo in “El Jaguar” by Strunz and Farah. Duelling flamenco guitars – those guys are fucking unbelievable.

Steve Vai’s “Trick Bag” from the movie Crossroads. Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Far Beyond The Sun” was really incredible as well.

Anything by Danny Gatton could qualify, so would just about anything by Steve Vai (like the one from Answers on the G3 video), Eric Clapton (esp Crossroads), Joe Satriani, Eddie van Halen, David Gilmour (like Time & the one in Comfortably Numb on the Delicate Sound of Thunder album), Hendrix (Red House @ Isle of Wight or the Woodstock Star-Spangled Banner), Joe Pass, Al Dimeola, Lenny Breau & who knows who else…

Even though I like most of the solos mentioned, I would have to go with anything by John Williams, the classical guitarist. If you havent listened to classical guitar it will blow your mind. Same with Flamenco.

I’d have to agree on the “Red House” from Drax.It’s awesome.I 'm really stumped,thought I was quite the music buff,…they will come,give me time

Any solos by William Randall Rhoads.

John Williams & Julian Bream are good, but it’s not so much their solos as they are the composers’ music. They’re still good though. Friday Night in San Francisco with John McLaughlin, Al Dimeola & Paco DeLucia has some amazing playing. I like Yngwie Malmsteen’s acoustic solo that’s on WinMX better than his electric stuff.

Pearl Jam “Alive”. I love that whole song.

Frank Zappa-Zoot Allures.

Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac) “THE SUPERNATURAL”

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) "Comfortably Numb" "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"