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Best Grip/Weight for Stiff Leg Deadlift?


Started doing these for the first time today. 2 sets of 12 reps. found it was a massive strain on my forearms by the end of the set.

What is the best grip to use for these? and what sort of weight would be reasonable in comparison to a conventional deadlift? i was using roughly half the weight.



I’m not really sure about the weight. But the way I was taught is any lift that your doing a pulling motion on you should use a grip that uses your hands more as hooks than anything. Which basically excludes the thumb from the option this is so that your using the muscles targeted rather than the arms. Of course this isn’t the case with curls etc because you are targetting the arms.


If I don’t have straps I use an alternated grip, but straps are preferable.

Honestly the weight I can use for this exercise isn’t far off from my conventional deadlift, but I do keep the weight pretty moderate anyway since I like to stay in the 10-15 rep range with these.


yeah i think i might try an alternate grip next time. Its maybe just the high reps that make the grip difficult.



I use the same grip as with deadlifts. Mixed grip and no hook grip…it allows for more weight to be used.

stiff leg dl’s should be used to strengthen the hamstring and hip/glute area. it’s not a grip lift (primarily) so i wouldn’t worry so much about using a hook grip unless you WANT to focus on your grip.

make sure to start out light and slowly work your way up in weight as your lower body warms up and stretches out.


I use a double overhand grip (I wrap my thumb round). When that gives out, I use straps. Previously, I would switch to a mixed grip when my grip gives out, but now I prefer to just use the straps.