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Best Greens Powder


Anyone have any suggestions for a greens powder supplement? I'm looking to get the most bang for my buck.


Do NOT buy the GNC brand of Greens+ it literally made me puke.


Cheapest is a 2 pound tub of Now Foods Green Phyto Foods

Best tasting is probably Emerald Balance

Most commonly used is Greens Plus

Arguably one of the most nutrient dense is Garden of Life Perfect Food

What I have been doing lately is just adding frozen spinach and frozen blueberries in a good blender to non-workout protein shakes, take a cheap multi and focus on diet.


i definately second that, I used that SHIT first because I figured they are all the same. After that I have only used greens+ have had no problems with it taste wise, it is a little pricey though, as far as effectiveness, they both felt like they did the same job.


It's good to use a Green supp if you're not getting the variety already from your diet. It's just a blend of food, though, so it won't be magic. Because of that, I just use the cheapest one I can find. $10 for a month's supply here: www.luckyvitamin.com/074312452253.html


why the fuck are you eating green powder is it magic?


I see you are a new member. Maybe you should do some reading before posting sarcastically.

To the OP, I like Berry Green.


like you wouldn't believe


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Moron indeed...

Personally, I use Greens+ with high ORAC, wild berry flavored. It costs the exact same as the original but it contains various berry extracts.

I've been using this product religiously since I did the Get Shredded Diet a little over a year ago. Guess what, I've had the longest streak of not getting colds, allergies, and other illnesses since using this product. It may not be magic, but it sure as hell makes you healthier and boosts your body's ability to combat germs, etc. Not to sound gross either, but the stuff helps you stay "regular" as a mofo too. I refuse to consume protein shakes without it!

And best of all, it doesn't take much to be effective! I only use one serving a day (3 level tbsp) but instead of consuming it all at once, I split it up into 3 servings, one with each protein shake and then I have a bit of whole veggies/ green salads with my whole foods.

You can find good deals on the web...much cheaper than stores. PM me if you want to know where to get it for cheap, or you can simply google it for yourself.


Personally I don't have anything against Greens, and I was taking it before starting the Velocity Diet, but I just have one question....how do you get past the color??? I don't mind the taste at all, but I just can't get past the color!!! So much so that I actually purchased a kit to encapsulate the powder so I could still take it!


I pretend I'm Popeye after eating spinach, or The Hulk.


I agree. Have a half used tub of the GNC crap lying around. Tastes AWFUL. I have to chase it with protein shakes, after holding my nose.


I quit using greens+ and I notice the exact same benefits from when I was taking it. Nothing. If you eat plenty of fruits and vegges throughout the day (every meal) a greens product is a waste of money imo. I might change my mind if Biotest releases a product that fits my needs. Something geared towards bodybuilders and athletes. Alfalfa grass powder? Organic soy sprouts? wtf?


For most folks, that's a mighty big "if".



I can't figure out why everyone blindly consumes these products that are full of grasses and other crap.

Read the labels! If you're taking a greens product to help meet you daily vegetable allotment, make sure you're taking one that contains foods that you'd want to eat. Many are filled with cheap grasses and have questionable ingredients like bee pollen, royal jelly, and soy sprouts.


I take the caps.

No taste, no mixing, no weird colored shakes.


Nanogreens is a great greens product...and it tastes good as well...


I concentrate on one that has barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, etc. I have recently been drinking barley grass only...I am using a brand called "Just Barley". You get 40 grams for 8 bucks. For a full spectrum green product, I'd get "Perfect Food" by Garden of Life. It's quality stuff but also quite expensive.


A good greens product will give you a noticeable energy boost. I like Greens+ but it's not cheap.

My wife bought another one, mostly for the kids, I looked at the formula, it seemed good, I tried it, it was pretty much as good as Greens+. I forgot what it's called, but it's something from one of the big stores, Safeway, Costco, something like that.

So I'm eating my children's "vitamins". Bad parent, I know.