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Best Good Morning for Hamstrings?


I know westside do these for the hams but aren't they an isolation exercise mainly for the lower back? what is the best GM variation for the hams/glutes?


Generally, the more you arch your back and push your ass back, the more hamstring involvement you will get.


If GMs are and isolation movement for the low back, the squat is an isolation movement for the quads.

If you're arching hard and pushing back with your hips, NOT bending at your waist, you will definitely feel them in your hams.


X2...form is very important!!


All of them :slight_smile:


Have you ever done GM man I feel them far more in my hams than I do my lower back. But I use the form these guys are telling you about.


Don't try to overdue the amount of weight and sacrifice your form.

I also vary the between a slight knee bend and a straight leg.

They definetly work the hams though.


thanks. yeah i usually feel it in the hams in the 12-6 reps.


Make sure you keep a super arched back for optimal ham/glute stim. I like either feet wide enough to just slide my stomach between my knees at the bottom or feet just under the hips, heels about 6" apart.

The close stance version hits your glutes harder than a drunk closet-gay at an evangelical youth camp. Other wise its all hamstrings.

Pair it with bulgarian split squats for the ultimate lower body assistance work.



along with using lighter weights comment, if you want to make any of the GM forms noted above harder without using a lot more weight, try using a safety bar or spider bar, and if you are interested in just glute/ham exercise, do all the GHR's you can or use a reverse hyper if you have access to one.