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Best Gift??

ok everyone, what is the best Christmas present you received? mine is something called a Head Blade. i shave my head everyday so my sister sent it to me. it’s a razor that’s almost like a ring that goes on your middle finger. it’s cool, i love it! headblade.com i think for any other head shavers out there who want to check it out.

I feel kind of guilty getting so much good stuff. I can’t decide between an XBox (my brother & I got it for my dad), a friggin wicked 5 speaker Panasonic minisystem (mom helped out a little), CoC T & #'s 1&2 (got the #2 past parallel but not completely closed on my 1st try) & Mastery of Hand Strength.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I got a year membership to to the only “T-GYM” in the area!!! Thanks, Grandma!! I couldn’t afford the $350 to get the 24/7 deal (xoxoxoxoxo Grandma). I’ve only been able to work out at home with some dumbells. I can only fit 40 pounds on each dumbell and I’m strong enough to bench those forever (slight exageration). No way to do deads, squats, or to max out. I’ve wanted a membership since I started reading this site about a year ago. NOW I HAVE IT! Watch out T-Peeps, another T-Guy has joined the ranks.

Can you tell I’m excited?

Thank you Grandma for the membership and thank you T-Mag for the best strength site on the web (trust me, I’ve been to alot).

A really nice leather wallet full of even nicer money =D

Got some Jumpstretch bands and weight releasers
courtesy of Mom and Dad. Can’t wait till my dynamic workout day to come around so i can break this stuff in.

CASH! it’ll buy me anything i want…when i get enough of it. hahah

Okay, first let me say I hate box wrenches. But I got a cool set of Craftsman (lifetime guarantee) box wrenches that have a cutaway on one edge that allows them to “rachet” on a hex head. Way cool. I’d never seen them before. Also, my wife got me two pair of jeans from Rheingold Fashion (clothing made for bodybuilders). Great stuff. If you have trouble finding clothes that fit, check them out.