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Best Gear To Increase Glycogen/ VO2

i believe metaformin for the glycogen store/retention, but not sure if there is something to help with the vo2max… any help would be appreciated.

i’ve tried alot of gear in the past and all have seemed to help, but i believe it is the workload that helps with the increase rather than the workload itself…

any suggestions on
what would be the best gear to increase or retain glycogen retention and
increase vo2 max?


Have you thought about EPO? A bit harder to come by, but it sure would do the trick.

Either that or blood doping old-school style. Though that takes some extra equipment as you’d have to remove your blood, separate the RBCs, store it, then inject it back into your system before competition. It works though.

Whey protein and L-arginine Ket

[quote]dreaux wrote:

damn straight, if you don’t have to worry about testing. most smaller guys don’t need more than 400mg of eq before the hemocrit gets too high. you will feel the extra gears you all the suddenly have left when running or biking.

eq elevates your body’s epo production increasing [rbc]