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best game

Hey ppls, just askin what everyones favorite console or pc game at the moment.I just got Devil may cry for the ps2 and it kicks ass.

OMG! Diablo using drop/exp mod! Had to uninstall it so I could get homework done.

if you ask me…i’m really into sports but the FUN stuff rather than the “realistic” games… Hot Shots (golf), Tecmo Bowl (football…the old nintendo!!!), NBA Jam… me and my buddies alway enjoy these types of games…

Grand Theft Auto III, still. Can’t wait for the new one next month.

What’s this drop/exp mod you mention?

I agree, Grand Theft Auto III. I can’t put into words how addictive this game is.

PC = War Craft 3
X-Box = Out Law Golf and Halo (Best Game Ever!)

I do have a life, i promise!


Warcraft 3 at the moment. I agree, Halo does kick ass.

FIFA World Cup and soon to be FIFA 2003. I’m dominant in that game. I should be getting my ARS jersey of Henry very soon.

GTA3, The legacy of Kain series, and Metal Gear. The second one is more of a repeat but the music is insane. I always watch the intro video and then do pull ups till I drop.

StarFox Adventures on GameCube

NFL2k3. Most perfect FB game ever.

FreeSpace series. The legacy of kain series. Warcraft 3. and currently I am working on Fallout 2

PC = NeverWinter Nights. I suspect my character in the game is nigh invincible. Muahahahahah. Ahem…rhhhrhhh falling back to rhhhhh reality. :slight_smile:


Tetris… :slight_smile:

What do you like about Morrowwind? :slight_smile:

  1. Has anyone played this. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews of it. :slight_smile:

Battlefield 1942 ROCKS!!! Realistic WWII gaming that encourages teamwork online in order to win. There’s IMMENSE satisfaction in jumping into an F4U Corsair fighter plane on an airstrip on Wake Island or Midway Island in the Pacific and going head-to-head with other online Navy F4U pilots against an incoming Japanese bomber force with Zeroes for their air cover. As this is the closest I’ll ever get to piloting these WWII warbirds, the experience is pretty damn satisfying. Remember to use a joystick, not keyboard.