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Best Gains?


What routine has given you guys the best size/strength gains? Forget about research and what's 'supposed' to be the most effective. I want to hear which program has given you the most noticible gains in the shortest time.

For me it was when I followed a Dorian Yates type routine. I've gotten good gains from higher frequency, more scientifically based routines but for my all-time best gains it was a Blood & Guts routine. I gained about 40lbs in less than a year. I went from using 40lb dumbells for incline presses to 90's and from squating 185 for sets of 6 to 315 for the same.


I gained the most when I started doing parameters like 5x5 and 10x3. It made me move more weight more often and got me stronger quick.


I got the best strength gains from 10x3. On bench I went from 285 to 320 in about a month or so. I didn't use it on squats or deads because I was rehabbing an injury in my lower back.


Bill Starr blueprint with dual-factor theory (accumulation/intensification).

9 week program (4 wks, 1 wk, 4 wks)


Pound4Pound, that's a hell of a gain man. 40 lbs, mostly muscle, I'm assuming.

Where can I find out about this program? And, can new lifters do it? (I've been lifting for about 4 months.)


From May - August, I used my own full-body programs based on CW's set/rep bible. I made fantastic strength gains. I've continued to do so with Westside (and more hypertrophy!) most recently.

In the past, I made great gains with CW's ABBH and SFM programs. I also thrived on 5x5 variations. I was in my best shape/leanest/well-conditioned using Renegade training.


What did you find the greatest gains with on this program? Size or strength or both?
I am going to be starting this program in the new year, hopefully can take my lifts to the next level.


I had some good gains on max ot.
But like everything there is a
diminishing return after about 6 weeks.
I tend to switch up higher volume
like gvt for 6 weeks with heavier low rep protocols like 10 x 3.
It's the only way to keep the body guessing and hypertrophy and strength
at a max.


I had good gains on Max-OT as well.

Has anyone ever done GVT while on a serious bulk? WHat kind of results?

I'm on a heavy bulk for the next couple months and want to milk it for all it's worth in terms of size. Strength I can attain even while cutting so I'm not so worried about strength? Any suggestions?


Both size AND strength. In fact if staying in a weight class is important, it's difficult to keep weight from putting you over the top. It's a sure fire thing. That IS if you use the dual factor with it.


When I eat a shitload.


I hear ya bro'.Most kids ask about the best program for gains.Just lift heavy and up those calories.


Yeah. I tried to go back and edit the post so it ended with "of food", but I guess that didn't work. Don't want to make the wrong impression. heh heh


100% agree...

almost any routine is good if you're pushing yourself hard enough...

what has made all the difference in the world for me is my diet and rest habits...

if I eat enough food and get plenty of rest in between workouts I make gains...if I don't get enough calories or sleep, the gains stop.


i relate well to that,my first 2 months in a gym i worked out everyday and every muscle to failure that day and wouldnt eat much and get much sleep.i had to take 2 months off just to not feel sick.I have to watch how much i rest because i tend to go overboard.

oh #4# im bulking and fixing to start GVT on the 26th so ill let you know whats up


BFS program

Week 1:
3 of 3 for all core lifts

Week 2:
5 of 5

Week 3:
Max out

Week 4:
Burnout, 10-8-6

The cores were squat, bench, power clean, and incline. All supplemental lifts were 3 of 10.


Very simple but extremely effective.


I am 23 yrs old, and by far the most important factor in gaining size/strength has been massive calorie intake. 4000-5000 kcals/day. with 300-400 grams of protein. I always supplement a low sugar weight gainer to help me attain that range. Otherwise lift heavy and hard. on average I can gain 15-30 lbs of quality muscle over 3-5 months while maintaing my bodyfat. I suppose I have a relatively fast metabolism, but for anyone under 25 years or so, I think that eating a lot of quality calories, protein and complex carbs will outperform the "hype" of a lot of supplement claims. Although if combine the two that can't hurt! Good Luck


I do best with a high volume of work. For me, the best gains I have ever made have been on

1) Upper-horizontal/Lower Quad/Upper Vertical/Lower Hip

2) Push/Pull/Lower

with keeping the reps in the 4-8 range, 100+total reps for a body part.

For a shock to the system, OVT has always been good.


GVT never worked well for me, even with eating an assload. What worked best for me was 5 x 5 or 8 x 3 followed by some accessory work for whatever movements I did that day.


For me doing 5x5 , and variations of Waterbury's BBB and WM have been the best for me as far as size and strength go.