Best Gains After Break Ups

So I’ve noticed that I make my best gains after break ups. First love, weighed 270 (lifted but obviously pretty fat too), broke up and then 8 months later weighed 210. This was from running, weight lifting, and cutting back on alcohol. Fast forward, a year, date another girl, go back to 235. Get left for another dude, get my weight down to 198 (more of a cut then anything else) and lifted hard for 5 months. Got back with the chick, she moves away, and I’m alright with it. Keep lifting but weight gets to about 218 (saw 30 pounds added to my bench work out {195 5 sets of 8 to 225 5x8})She comes back a couple weekends ago, hooks up with me, then i hear she is going to see her new man. Anyways it motivated me to get back on the correct diet and hit the gym hard.

So after that damn spiel…Does anyone else find that their best gains/fat loss come after breakups? I just want to work hard when life is going well as I do when shit is tanking in life. I actually discovered this site after one of the those breakups. Does anyone else use the gym after a bad breakup?

The same thing happened the last time I broke up with a chick. For me it was a combo of many things. One, I had more energy since I wasn’t fucking her brains out on a daily basis. Two, I had more time to go to the gym to go with the added energy. I suppose having a girlfriend can take away from the concentration and motivation to lift hard and regularly to some degree.

Read the article about “The pheonix rising” by Shugart. It explains a lot. There are also helpful tips to get back into the laser like focus for when you finally release that rage a couple months or weeks after the traumatic experience happens.

Yes, that was a great article, you have to get mad if you want to make dramatic changes. Mad at yourself or at someone else…

I make my best gains when women cook and shop for me. I am a good cook for fancy meals, but I am HORRIBLE at the day to day stuff. I basically end up on a modified V-Diet. Bland and boring! It keeps me motivated to have chicks cook for me though.

I make my best gains when I have a good supply of Biotest supps) Too bad I can’t order directly and have to get them from russian resellers))

Wasn’t it for a break-up I’d have never started training. Lost 135 lb of fat and gained some muscle along (supposing my ex-gf was 100% fat >:) ).

Here is the article if you haven’t read it.

Here’s the article on keeping focus.

Good articles. Found a picture of me and her where i look particularly “jolly”, going to use that as fuel!

The other way around for me. I think when I got a girl,I want to look my very best.