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Best Fruit?

JB and a few other ‘gurus’ seem to reccomend getting all your carbs from fruits and non-starchy veggies on off days. So with this in mind, I was wondering what you guys considered to be the ‘best’ fruit for eating on off days and times other than PWO.

The criteria that come to mind for me are:

  1. GI
  2. Antioxidant content
  3. Vitamin/mineral content

With the little bit of research I have done these are the ones that I seem to think would be prefered:

  1. Berries(all types)
  2. Apples
  3. Plums
  4. Kiwi
  5. Avocado(though it lacks very many carbs so probably not the best option)

Richard Simmons is probably the best fruit out there.

But in all seriousness, It doesn’t really matter what fruit you eat as long as you have variety and don’t overdo it.

With that said, I usually mix blueberries/raspberries in my protein shake. There’s lots of research on the benefits of blueberries out there. And they taste damn good.

I also like to eat mandarins/tangerines at work.

I make this awesome chicken with Raisins and Peaches that just tastes like heaven.

Pears are also a good one. Avacados have a good amount of fat in them too, which is a plus. I get peaches in the summer, though I belive those are a slightly higher GI than berries and apples.

Berries, of different types, probably give you the greatest flexiblity and antioxidant/phytochemical/ORAC “punch”…

They are easy to store and carry…and can be used as toppings, mixed in shakes and puddings or just eaten as is.


Don’t limit yourself, eat all kinds of fruit.

JB recommends either green veggie carbs or fruit with every meal – for all the reasons you listed and because fruit and veggies have an alkalinizing effect on the body.

Honestly, if you’re eating a fairly clean diet and eating protein every meal, I don’t feel you need to worry too much about the GI of fruit. What’s important is that you get a WIDE VARIETY of fruit! People being people, they tend to eat the same thing over and over again.

Make sure that along with your fruit you’re getting your green veggies. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) eat fruit every meal, especially if you’re trying to cut.

Save your starchier carbs for PWO, of course; sweet potatoes, yams, brown rice, oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta…and SURGE!!! (grin)

For me I like:

  1. Bananas
  2. Blueberries/Strawberries
  3. Watermelon, although this can get up there on GI).
  4. Green Tea, although this isn’t a fruit it is one of the best antioxidants you can get. I mix it with Surge for PWO. I drink it iced/hot, I try to drink 3-4 glasses/day. It also, goes with your water consumed count.