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Best Free Antivirus Software?


So what do you guys think? Currently I'm using Norton, which has been working great, but It's expiring soon, and with not enough money to renew it, what would you guys and gals recommend as a substitute. I plan on renewing it on my next paycheck, which is in two weeks.




I’m currently using Malwarebytes, Trend Micro Rootkitbuster and Microsoft Security Essentials. I don’t know if they’re as good as Norton or AVG but they’re free and seem to be a lot less resource-hogging.


I use Avast for basic coverage and the free Malwarebytes for when I know something is probably infecting the computer.


Go here http://www.zdnet.com/ register and get all kinds of free/free to try downloads. AVG, Avast, Malawarebytes, and other anti-virus as well as games and other things.
I used AVG free but now I pay for Kaspersky.


I like MalwareBytes and MSE.