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Best Form of Zinc Supplelmentation?


I'm looking for a slight testosterone boost, and heard that zinc might do the trick. I've done some research and beleive Optizinc (monomethionine) or Zinc Picolinate are the best options. However, I am not sure which one is better. Has anyone had experiences with both and preferred one over the other? Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:


why not just use both?


if one truly is better than the other, in what way would that make sense?

that being said, i believe Biotest uses monomethionine and aspartate in their ZMA product


zinc l-carnosine


Do you supplement with zinc? Do you then have take take any other vitamins or minerals to prevent the zinc supplement from throwing off any other balances?


I think any chelated zinc is good to go.


I do take some copper, but not every time. Copper I believe is the only potential deficiency that can arise from excess zinc. I actually take zinc l-carnosine for a particular health concern -- h pylori bacterial infection. I just cycle a bottle here and there (along with others) if I am noticing any issue with my upper GI.


Thats what I've always thought too. I remember something about chelating the zinc to an amino acid increases bioavailability to around 90%, whereas zinc oxide is around 2%. I dont remember anyone ever saying one amino acid is better than another