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Best Form for Max Rep Push-ups?

I am competing in a competition this weekend where one of the events will be as many push-ups as possible in 2 minutes. When I do push-ups, I just do them in a way that activates as many muscles as possible. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on any forms that would allow me to tack on extra reps. Stuff like hand placement, etc. Thanks in advance.

I don’[t know if this is cheating or not, but why dont’ you change hand placement while when one slows down.
Switch from a closer grip tricep emphasized to a wider chest emphasized.
Stay tight.
Grip the ground with your hands.
Twist your hands on the way up sort of. Left hand would be ccw, right hand would be cw.
I don’t know the rules about body english, but see what passes.
Take deep breaths.
If you did some heavy lifting before hand(like a push movement 3x3 or 3x1 with 80-90%), that would help.
Make sure you’re hydrated and have eaten something, but not so much that you’re bloated.
Creatine load(?lol)

Thanks for the advice. I was able to crank out 75 of them. I changed my grip a few times but in the end my burned out pecs were what stopped me, and not my assisting muscles.


you can now score the maximum possible points on the pushup portion of the APFT

if your chest is whats dying first, you may have hit the max. One of the things that got mine up a bit is not moving my scapula at all, which I still do when I am not going for a max numbers. Drop your shoulder blades so your chest is as low as it can get, then do a pushup, but keep the chest dropped at the top.

With the wide position you can get away with more pushups because the plane of “parallelity” (lol) is more ambiguous, but narrow stance is easier to carry momentum from one pushup to the other (i.e. bouncing).