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Best for Solid Gains

Have used sus, deca and winny before. Any suggestions on the best combo and dosage for good maintainable gains with minimal side effects - was thinking 2cc of sus, 100mg of deca(can only access 50mg/cc deca), to start - can’t decide on d-bol, sounds good but whats the point if you can’t hold on to the gains, is it worth just using it as a kickstart at the begining - first six weeks?

Give it a break and then switch to oxandrolone at week 8 for four weeks? My hair is thinning in the place wher most guys recede so am real nervous about DHT derivatives.

Would get finasteride but that only works with test. Also whats the best combo for maximizing free test - ie what binds to SHBG best.

I don’t know about min side effects, but NOTHING beats Test/Proviron/Fina combo. Solid gains, solid strength and mad fat loss.