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Best football workout

I know there are a few strength guys and athlete guys on here. I am looking for the best speed and strength workout/running/drills program to use for the summer. I have previously used BFS, acceleration minnesota, and a number of others but am again looking for something new.

Charlie Francis’ stuff is good,it can be combined with WSB method or Joe Kenns tier system.

Also, Coach Davies stuff is great for speed. Speed and conditioning pretty much define the renegade style.

Either Coach Davies, or Joe DeFranco have great info on their websites. Davies just published a book for football training, havn’t ordered mine yet, but it’s supposed to be a really good book for football players.

Awesome Question.

I too would like to know the programs that are best for football players during the summer. What is the best way to mix strength and speed training, plus a little hypertrophy training? 3 month program…

I say why limit yourself to any one program…read and learn all programs - TAKE WHAT YOU BELIVE IN AND USE IT WITH A PASSION AND YOUR ATHLETES WILL THANK YOU… bm

any links to these sites you can post would be excellent. Thanks RB!

The majority of your hypertrophy work should have been done in the winter, along with your speed and strength foundation.

There isn’t a “best” program for you. You have to take the basics of a program and then adapt it to how you best respond.

I like the WSB conjugate style workouts because they allow you to constantly improve in multiple areas and can be customized to any sport and any position quite easily. If you visit the www.elitefts.com Q&A and check the sports specific file as well as run a search you will find a ton of great info for football conditioning. Also, check out Coach “X”'s training logs, you could get some good ideas there. I have the Davie’s book, and I really like the stuff on GPP in particular, but if you are looking for a laid out program, it isn’t in there. I really like the stuff from Elite Fitness. Joe Defranco’s site is great too, with a lot of good info. When you really study his stuff you will see he uses a lot of the WSB principles and uses it to build highly effective conditioning programs. Another cool thing about Joe’s site is that he doesn’t charge $200 just to be a member to view it! His football combine video is great too. Hope this helps, good luck!

Definitely check out Defranco

Coach Davies and Christian Thibaudeau.

coach Davies and DeFranco. do a search for their stuff on t-mag, and u should be able to find enough info to last u a year.
as far as specific exercises, im gonna feel like an asshole about this, because ive said it soo many times, but cleans/clean and jerks/snatches. both coaches recommend it and i have done those and it helped me a lot. squats, deads and bench press, as well as a lot of tri work and overall body thickness workouts/exercises.
as far as speed work, running up stairs, doing the five dots, workouts where u pull a sleed, or a friend with bands, stuff like that should help you develop acceleration, explosive power and coordination.

hope that helped

In my opinion what you first have to do is make sure you are training to enhance performance on the field. I know that seems like a very obvious comment but a lot of young athletes get off track and end up training to train.

Obviously I am biased but if I can be of help feel free to ask. I have posted a large section on my site to help young athletes like yourself. Its great to see someone talking about training for Football, so lets discuss.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Get with Defranco, he is the best as far as I’m concerned…Check out his site…defrancostraining.com

Back to Coach Davies. Lets discuss. I have in the mean time cheecked out all of the EliteFts and Defrancos and WSB. However I don’t see a specific program like BFS or Acceleration. Coach Davies maybe you can help me out here? I enjoy what I have read about WSB but all I have found out about it is a little gym in PA or somewhere with some unorthodox training styles? Thank You RB.

Skill, knowing the game and the position will take you way further than just workouts. Strength is very imprtant, but I was a small lineman and blew-out guys way bigger than me. Technique, listening to yu coach, practice with the intent on learning why the techniques work, in what situations, and raw desire and force. You can be great if you put your mind to it. It is easier to get strong, but to be great, it is very hard, no short cuts, or magic pills. Like everything in life, it sucks, so what, get over it, next.
Hard work on learning the game and your position(s) and pure giving it all you got will go far as a player.


RB - In looking at your question, I am a little unsure how much you’ve read of my work. Please take a deeper read as I have published well over 300 articles, much that can deal with your concerns. I would rather not try to read between the lines of your question so after doing so, please get back to me with any questions.

Have to run now - holding a 2 day Football camp. Take care,

In faith,

Coach Davies

Why don’t you begin designing your program based on what physical qualities will most improve your performance on the field? Think about what you need: speed, strength, technique, endurance…?

Figure that out and come up with some type of preliminary program and post it on the forums, then we can go from there. Let us know, later.

TO be honest there is no such thing as a best workout ask 10 top Strength and Conditioning (S& C) Coaches there favorite workout each one will give you a different answer. Read as many articles and books about S &C as you can find then utilize the best concepts from each. Start your reading with CT?S,
Coach Davies, Joe DeFranco, Joe Kenns and Charlie Francis articles. Also read the furum topic Sprint or Squat first?? for more ideas.

WSB is not a small gym in PA with unorthodox training methods. It is in Columbus, OH and their methods, while some may view them as unorthodox, get results. Go to elitefts.com, look in the articles section and read the articles with training football players. Read Q&A posts for Coach X and 62, that will clear a lot of stuff up. If you have any questions, shoot them at 62 and Coach X. They won’t beat around the bush, fill your head up with esoteric bullshit, or charge you an arm and a leg to get you headed in the right direction. Good luck.

Good post man. Not only does WSB get results but the methods are based on sound proven principles. Many people forget that and think those methods can only be used for powerlifting but you can use alot of different ideas with Westside training. Like Scott613 said read posts by 62, Coach X, and Coach H at elitefts.com