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Best Foods to Gain Weight


I am 18, about 6'1 currently weigh 164, havent been working out for the past 3 months and just starting up again and I want to get up to 185 or 190, What are the best foods for me to eat and everything else I can do to gain WEIGHT, not just straight muscle. Examples of breakfasts, lunches and dinners?

let me know


If you want WEIGHT, I'd recommend a lot of carbs -- oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatos, white potatos, bananas.......... also the basics -- chicken breasts, whole eggs, lean red meat, full fat cottage cheese, natural peanut butter. Add olive oil or coconut oil to everything for extra calories.


Look for high caloric density.
There are no magical foods that will make you gain weight, you just need more food. At your height and weight you just aren't eating enough.

Post up what you ate yesterday, with total calories and macros if you have them.


Go to the search bar in the upper right hand corner and type in "bulking diet."

This topic has been beat to death.




Thanks I'been trying to bulk up and I am 50 yrs old weighing 250lbs but i'm 6'8 with no legs, back pain, you get my drift. But I have been following the advice (some) of members whom really have just given simple solutions by directing me to the information. I had to accept I too am a beginner, and need to also take my time, and supplements.

So thank you..,. for you humble advice and direct routes to the information.




I envy you as you can, nay...MUST eat lots of peanut butter...starting now.

I'm not kidding. Try to finish a jar every 4 days. The real stuff, not Jif.


I used to put a couple massive spoonfuls of peanut butter in my shakes and blend them up. It's damn tasty if you do it with chocolate powder. Also should help you put on some pounds.


If all you care about is weight not muscle, eat whatever the hell you want. Seriously. Just make sure you eat more then you burn, you'll gain weight. Twinkies, ice cream, cookies, whatever. Don't even have to worry about protein intake or nutrient timing or anything. Lift and do this and you'll gain weight and some muscle also.

Course for 99% of the people, TRYING to gain fat is retarded. Exception would be malnourished people. Im interested why you specifically want to gain weight not muscle. Im all for gaining weight to get muscle, but if I can minimize the fat gain I'll do that.


This is one of those "things I believe but can't really prove" but I think eat a lot of hearty stuff...all meats, cheese, whole wheat bread, milk, eggs, peanut butter and fruits and vegetables, and lift heavy and 80% of the weight you gain will be lean tissue.


I got this quote from a Kelly Baggett article:

How powerful is the effect of eating? Studies have been done on overfeeding where people were fed an additional 1000 calories per day for 100 days without any training whatsoever. Of the weight they gained, even in the absence of exercise, an average of 35% was lean muscle mass.

So if you're training hard (heavy) I think that percentage must go up considerably.


Couldn't agree more


get the whole "blender routine" down pat


Is it hard to find peanut butter in Scotland?
I was in Glasgow last year and from what I remember I didn't see any on the shelf at the Co-Op. I did like those Scot's oats with the guy throwing shot-put.


There he is! I think it's Mel Gibson.


Not at all. Tesco stock Whole Earth Organic Peanut Butter which is pretty much a staple in my diet.

Most fruit & veg stores stock various nut butters as well (almomnd, hazelnut etc)

Yeah porridge is pretty much the scottish take on oats. Need to eat it with salt though for it to truly qualify as Scottish!


carbs: oats, pasta, potatoes, rice
fat: nuts, nut butters, oils, dressings
protein: eggs, steak, chicken, whey
milk and beans


That's great. I wish I knew about last year as I was in Glasgow for almost a month and missed my peanut butter.
I've never tried salt in my oats. I just put raisins or of course...peanut butter.


What is all this talk of defiling peanut butter? A jar in 4 days... Contaminating with chocolate whey.... LOL.

Grab a spoon and fuck shit up.


Blasphemy, you have obviously never tasted the delicious goodness of a peanut butter infused chocolate shake.