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Best foods for carb refeeds

All of those who have been using carb refeeds…What have you found to be the absolute best foods for this critical carb up period?
So far I have been using grainy breads (enriched), pasta, and rice.
Has anyone found any other “gems” out there that have worked well for them?


For my refeeds, I always use (and will continue to use) Corn Pops for the main part. When I was cutting (and I’m back to cutting now) I used Pops as an essential refeed food.

For my refeeds I use cereal like Brent, except I eat Smart Start. I also go through a bag of bagels on my refeed days. The nice thing about these foods is that they require no preparation. =)

I can get cases of jumbo frozen soft pretzel at the local Fred Meyer for about three dollars. Each one is comprised of about 75g of carbs, 10g of protein, and minimal fat. Perfect for refeeds.

My preference is Corn Flakes. High-GI/insulin, virtually no sugar via fructose or anything else unlike Smart Start and Corn Pops (although I love the hell out of both of them), some sodium to boot, and if ya add a scoop or two of Choc. Low-carb Grow and a serving of Splenda this is some damn tasty stuff even mixed w. water.

I’m going to be looking to eat, tons of oatmeal, bread, pasta if it’s avalable,and fat free pretzels.

What are some other good refeed foods?

Are you guys putting skim milk in your corn pops?

Does corn pops have fructose?

How about good old pancakes?

DAMMIT!!! Someone HAD to go and mention pancakes…and Country Kitchen is only about four blocks from where I live!



Yeah, I use skim milk, but I try to keep it to an absolute minimum.

Don’t forget the Grapenuts! Hell, you get a great workout just trying to chew up the little pieces of rock. And you get about 42 grams of carbs just from them alone.

Spagetti, frozen yoghurt and oatmeal is my idea of a nice refeed.

I like the pretzels too. Elbow macaroni with a little salt, White bread, and this week I am actually going to have some mashed potatoes.

I personally like large amounts of sushi.