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Best Food to Eat to Get Big

What food is high protein and is good for bulking up


chicken, turkey, whole wheat spaghetti, tuna, blah blah blah read around you’ll find it easily enough if you just research it

peanut butta

The same food you eat when cutting,just more of it.


ive had great results with mixed nuts especially raw almonds and whole milk

I concur with milk.

whole milk, eggs and red meat.

Red Meat(Lots), Eggs, Almonds, pasta, Brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole roasted chickens, Shakes with 4 tbsp of olive oil, oats, orange, apples, bean rice and steak chipotle burrito (ask for extra beef). Large hungry howies supreme anchovie/pepperoni/ham pizza with garlic butter slathered crust. 8 oz of fish+cup of quinoa. My rotation of foods.

Read the site before asking a question like that.

The forums should be more for clarification or throwing around ideas than knowledge that, around here, is common.

Ground Beef mmm


buffalo, turkey bacon, whole wheat buns, cheese = heaven eat up.


Apparently, no one picked up on my reply.

Judging by the OP question, he has a pretty limited knowledge of nutrition and even less on what it takes to get bigger.

I advise you read over Berardi’s nutritional articles on here and other authors.
And realize that no one specific food is going to get you “big”. You need a surplus of calories over maintenance. Many foods will help you get there.

in my experience it isn’t so much the food choises but your eating habbits.

try getting a huge bag of nut and just nibble on them throughout the day, when ever you go to the shop to get a drink, make it whole milk. if you make a sandwhich loads it with mayo.

if you make a shake put some oils in it (think someone said olive but any oil will do) if like me carbs fill you up quick try mashed sweet potatoe, for some reason i can eat loads of that stuff. when you get to the kitchen boil loads of eggs and eat them when ever you get a chance, egg whites really don’t fill you up, you can get through loads of them.

hope this helps.

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PB & J is good, fast easy tastes good, drink with a tall glass of whole milk and you got yourself some good calories.

Breakfast, Don’t skip it, in fact eat 2 of them if you can. Make one healthy and then one just a breakfast love fest, bacon, sausage, bagels LOADED with cream cheese, Pancakes/waffles w/syrup & Butter. BUTTER EVERYTHING.

This is the meal that is going to power you through the bulk of the day so don’t worry too much about clean. As you get closer to bedtime start thinking a little cleaner, like maybe cottage cheese or other not as tasty crap like chicken breasts.

Other than that you gotta eat like at least 6 times a day. Only way to do it. You just can’t get 4-6K calories in on 2 or 3 meals. I mean you can but it’s really hard, and it probably means you are getting Way too much fat in those meals. Plus you could distent your gut, making you have the beer belly look even if you cut down and lose a bunch of fat.


Spinach, of course!